Jo Yu-ri, K-pop fandom app ‘Blip’ selected as a new artist

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Singer Yuri Jo has been selected as a new artist for ‘Blip,’ a ‘Schedule Alert for K-Pop Fandom’ application.

On the 22nd, ‘Blip’ said, “The music video for Jo Yu-ri’s new song ‘Love Shhh!’ has surpassed 5 million views in about three days.” Jo Yu-ri revealed why she was selected as an artist for ‘Blip.’

K-Pop Radar said, “Jo Yuri’s official Instagram account has surpassed 1.24 million followers, and her official Twitter account also stated that she is a large artist with over 170,000 followers. She is a solo singer who is building a solid career.” they said.

In particular, since Jo Yu-ri was recently selected as the main character on the K-pop radar weekly trending chart of the K-pop-only chart show ‘K-POP RADAR,’ which is broadcast all over the U.S., she is active both at home and abroad. A hot reaction is expected.

Also, on the 30th, to more perfectly satisfy the needs of fans who want to see the artist’s ending fairy moment for a longer time, the content’ blah blah ( Bla Bla)’ is scheduled to be released, and a hot reaction is already expected. Jo Yuri’s ‘Bla Bla’ can be found on Blip’s official YouTube channel.

In this regard, Jo Yu-ri’s fans said, “I want to check Yu-ri Jo’s schedule, but it’s a pity that it’s not open on Blip,” “Blip is a good app for doing good things. I hope Jo Yu-ri Blip will open”, “Solo singer with both visual and vocal skills. Everything,” he said, actively requesting Jo Yu-ri’s Blip to open.

With this opening, Jo Yu-ri’s fandom ‘GLASSY’ will be hosting Yu-ri Jo’s new schedule on Blip (, as well as news such as Twitter, community, chart entry, various data, and survey results in one place. It was convenient to see. In addition, it is expected that Jo Yu-ri’s fandom will be able to enjoy more enjoyable fandom activities through topics and galleries.

‘Blip’ is currently running a service that informs you about schedules and news of 65 K-pop artists, including Jo Yu-ri, Black Pink, Ive, NCT, and Seventeen.

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