Music content IP NFT platform Meta bit signed a strategic alliance with K-pop content producers.

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Global music content IP NFT platform MetaBit includes RBW, to which Oneus and Mamamoo belong, WooriNet, ContentX, Studio Jam, WM Entertainment, DSP Media, TR Entertainment, Beats Entertainment, J-Storm, etc. It announced on the 14th that it had signed a strategic partnership for joint business with the company.

Meta said, “Through this partnership, we are conducting marketing and promotion to strengthen the global fandom based on K-pop music content IP. We plan to release it on the platform.”

RBDW plans to support the meta beat service based on IPs of more than 4000 music contents and its affiliate labels, WM Entertainment and DSP Media. In addition, with this strategic partner, ContentX goes beyond the distribution of music content IPs and the distribution of portrait rights. Create new revenue through various tangible and intangible assets of K-Pop, such as broadcasting and performances. We plan to build a foundation to support the K-POP industry with multiple reward programs. Meta bit utilizes blockchain technology to distribute music content IP in the form of NFTs.

Metabeat said, “To this end, Meta bit encourages active participation with its Drop, Mingle, and Shout-Out services that connect artists and fandom, and distributes simple music content IP NFTs with various types of rewards. It plans to implement an independent F2E (FAN TO EARN) system beyond Metabit’s service, allowing customers who participate in the platform to own or own various types of intangible assets directly. It is possible to present a vision to build a strong fandom between artists and fans through various forms of collaboration with entertainment companies, thanks to differentiation from similar services limited to the existing music content IP distribution.”

“Metabeat plans to redefine the relationship between artists and fandom, which is the core of the K-pop music industry, as a global music content IP business in line with the Web 3.0 era and to implement a growth platform where the fandom leads the growth of artists.” Along with the recruitment of additional alliances, we plan to present an F2E program that implements communication between various artists and fandoms and will play a role in the growth of K-pop in the global market.”

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