‘K-POP STAR’ diva ‘Yerin Woo’ releases new song ‘Hwawol.’

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Singer-songwriter Woo Ye-rin, who participated in ‘K-POP Star Season 5’ in 2015 and left a strong impression on the public through the TOP 6 live broadcast contest, is returning with a new song, ‘Hwawol.’

In May and June, Woo Yerin spurred a new musical journey by releasing the single ‘Haeohwa’ and the beautiful ballad ‘Paradise’ in succession with her personality. Released at noon on Monday, August 10, the single ‘Hwawol’ is a ballad song featuring Woo Yerin’s unique oriental atmosphere and lyrics and various guitar sounds that create a strange atmosphere.

The title ‘Hwa-whole is a song of two Chinese characters, ‘fire’ and ‘越 (month to pass).’ a lyrical song. In particular, in this song, Yerin Woo’s lyrical lyric development and narrative heightens the emotions of those who listen to the music. The gentle guitar playing creates a dreamy atmosphere in line with the lyrics, bringing to life this song’s characteristics.

Before this, Yerin Woo, who went to study in Japan, participated as a featured artist in ‘Emerge’ of artist ‘nammu.’. In addition, it has continued international exchanges in Thailand, such as releasing the Line TV drama ‘ONE YEAR the series’ and the collaboration song ‘Space’ with Thai artist ‘TPSM.’

It is difficult to see the artists’ various moves in person due to the Corona 19 situation, but ‘Haeeohwa’ and ‘Paradise’ were released consecutively in May and June, and ‘Hwawol’ to be released on August 10. Yerin Woo’s trolley will be good news this summer for fans who have been waiting for her music. Yerin Woo also announced the release of an EP as she continued her new song activities.

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