Ace decorates the cover of the latest popular K-pop playlist in Tidal, USA.

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Group ACE proved its global upward trend by receiving the spotlight from TIDAL of the United States.

Ace was recently selected as the cover artist for the latest popular K-Pop (Certified: New & Hot in K-Pop) playlist of Tidal, a global high-quality music streaming service platform.

Tidal, run by world-famous pop star Jay-Z, made up a colorful lineup of K-pop playlists and introduced Ace as the cover, introducing it as “Korea’s latest album that is continuously growing and future-oriented.

At the same time, the title song ‘Higher’ of Ace’s fifth mini-album ‘SIREN: DAWN’ is proudly listed in the first order of the playlist, attracting attention.

In particular, K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin posted a link to the playlist on his Twitter and praised, “I love the unique direction and new side of Ace ‘Higher’. So I had to put Ace as the cover of the playlist.” did.

Next, Jeff Benjamin added a hand shape and a fire emoticon to signify positivity to the mermaid concept, which Ace introduced with ‘Higher’ and lifted the ace.

Ace has proven its unique global presence in Tidal as it is considered a K-pop trend. This is an area where expectations are high for Ace, who performs well on various international charts in the future.

Ace entered the worldwide album chart at number one with ‘SIREN: DAWN’ released last month. In addition, remarkable results in charts by countries around the world, including Belarus, Brazil, Ecuador, Indonesia, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Portugal, etc. earned

‘SIREN: DAWN’ entered the first place on iTunes’ K-pop genre album chart, realizing its hot popularity. British music magazine NME looked at this album, saying, “Ace has started to grow as a musician in earnest. It shows confidence and determination in storytelling and musical experimentation.”

In addition, while overseas media such as Rolling Stone India and QUEM, a major Brazilian media outlet, are receiving favorable reviews, Ace continues its activities with various music broadcasts and various contents.

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