Korean Cultural Center in Turkey held a K-pop performance to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the opening.

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The Korean Cultural Center in Turkey (in the future referred to as the Korean Cultural Center) held the ‘KORE+TURKIYE’ event to enjoy Korean culture to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

This ‘KORE+TURKIYE’ event is an ‘online traditional/modern fusion performance’ and ‘K-pop’ reinterpreting the five colors of Korea and Turkey under the theme of the five colors accepted through exchanges with oriental cultures during the nomadic Eurasia continent in the past. (K-POP) King of Kings and a celebratory performance’.

The winners of the K-Pop contest hosted by the Korean Cultural Center for three years, from 2019 to 2021, were gathered in one place to hold the Wangjung Championship, and the winning team in each category was provided with round-trip air tickets to Korea.

In the dance category, 6AES CREW (3rd place winning team in the 2020 KKM K-Pop Contest), who covered PIXY’s ‘Wings,’ took the 1st prize, and in the vocal category, Irem Nur Yanik (Irem Nur Yanik), who sang Haye Song’s ‘Your News’ 1st place in the 2019 KKM K-Pop Contest) won.

In particular, at the K-Pop event held at TIMS SHOW CENTER in Istanbul, Turkey on November 27 (Sat), ACE, who won the ‘2021 APAN Music Awards Global’ Hallyu Star Award, was in charge of the judging of the King of Kings and a congratulatory performance.

The celebration performance of Ace, hosted by actor Park Jae-min, showed a lot of interest from Korean Wave fans, such as the server being paralyzed as the free ticket was opened and the server being paralyzed at the same time as the free ticket was opened. I met Ace.

Ace could not hide his excited expression on the stage as he met fans offline for the first time in two years. The members greeted the fans and drew a warm response.

Ace sang the hit songs’ Changer’, ‘Holiday,’ and ‘If You Can Hear’ while wearing a black suit and embroidered the stage with splendor. The members showed a stable singing ability while digesting the sword choreography, causing the admiration of Turkish fans.

Next, Ace held a fan meeting with the concept of the Netflix series ‘Squid Game,’ which is a hit worldwide. The members changed into green sweatshirts, the trademark of ‘Squid Game,’ and competed with the fans in ‘Mugunghwa Flower,’ ‘Ticking,’ and ‘Dalgona Draw.’ As a penalty, the ace who lost in the show gave great fun by writing their name with their buttocks, taking selfies, and honestly answering fans’ questions.

The Korean Cultural Center recommended a green dress code to Hallyu fans who attended the concert, and many fans drew attention by matching the dress code by wearing green skirts, T-shirts, headbands, and hijabs.

As a surprise event in the middle of the fan meeting, Ace, who enjoyed a good time with fans, such as dancing traditional Turkish dance, finished the event by decorating the stages such as ‘Crooked Line,’ ‘Clover,’ ‘Write a Letter,’ and ‘Story.’ Immediately after the stage, the members posted on the official SNS, “I was so happy today. Thank. I love you,” he said, expressing his gratitude to the Turkish fans.

The event, held in a hybrid method that performed online and offline, was attended by many fans who could not attend offline via live streaming on YouTube and quickly surpassed 60,000 views. The major media also showed a lot of interest.

Director Park Ki-hong said, “To mark the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Korean Cultural Center, I hope that the high-quality Korean cultural event that will be held for two months from October to December, combining traditional, modern, fine arts and cultural industry, will impress the people of Turkey even more.” He said, “I don’t think there is a stronger communication than empathy through culture and art. Based on the achievements we have made so far, we will do our best to help both peoples understand each other’s cultures from the heart and make everyone happy through genuine cultural exchanges.”

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