Improving youth internationalization capabilities through K-Pop

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On the 19th, South Chungcheong Province and Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, held an online non-face-to-face ‘K-POP Talk Cafe.’

This event, which was promoted to enhance the youth internationalization capacity, was prepared as a place to communicate with the youth of both regions on the topic of common interest.

About 30 people, including students from K-pop high schools in Tokyo and high school students from Shizuoka Prefecture who are interested in Hallyu culture, took part in this event. It was conducted in the order of time, presentation of impressions, etc.

The youth who participated on the day exchanged various opinions on topics such as K-pop singers and songs and the cultures of both regions.

In particular, this event was held in an active atmosphere with students actively participating in the program planning process.

Hong Man-Pyo, head of the international trade division, said, “The K-Pop Talk Cafe is one of the projects to enhance the internationalization capacity of the citizens, which is the 8th popular election, and was prepared to strengthen the youth internationalization capacity.

Therefore, we will continue to carry out our business in a substantial way in the future, such as by holding it face-to-face or gradually expanding the scale and target of the event,” he said.

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