Omega X ‘Holding the first world tour Foreign language lyrics, and local enthusiasm is the point

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Boy group OMEGA X mentioned the expectations of the first world tour.

Omega X (Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, XEN, Jehyun, KEVIN, Jeonghoon, Hyuk, Yechan) appeared on Arirang TV’s ‘Live On’, which aired at 11 pm on the 19th, and released their charms.

On this day’s ‘Live On’, time was prepared to learn more about Omega X. Omega X, which took the top spot in album sales among boy groups that debuted in 2022, said, “We were able to win first place with various charms. Each stage has a different color, so each stage seems to have a different charm.”

Omega X, who even announced the news of the first world tour, expressed excitement, saying, “There are so many foreign languages ​​in the lyrics of the song, how fun it would be to sing those lyrics in a local area, that is the point.”

Next, Hangyeom, who was in charge of composing and writing lyrics for ‘VENUS’, which was selected as ‘Top 10 K-Pop Must-Listen’ by TIDAL magazine in the US, said, “I think you have listened to the first part of the guitar-based introduction.” told

Meanwhile, Omega X is currently preparing for the 2022 world tour ‘CONNECT: Don’t give up.

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