Itzy, iKON, Onew, Red Angel & Salvation Army’s ‘We All One’ K-Pop concert sortie

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The Korean cheering squad Red Angel and Salvation Army will hold an online K-pop concert called ‘WE ALL ARE ONE-Let’s Love’ on the 30th.

This concert, which is for the whole world, will feature ITZY iKON and Onew and MustB, Pink Fantasy, Mega Max, and Majors.

In line with the theme of this performance, ‘Let’s Love’, Itzy said, ‘Please be with ITZY. Sing of love”, iKON’s ‘I love you’, Onew’s ‘Let’s Go Let’s Love! You can save a life in the global village just by watching a K-POP concert.”

The lineup of 4 rookie K-Pop idol teams is ‘promising players who will lead the future of world K-pop with active energy.

Regarding the sub-title ‘Let’s Love’, Red Angel and the Salvation Army said, “These days, from all kinds of conflicts and divisions in and out of the country to war, it is deplorable and heartbreaking. The way to solve this is to realize that ‘we are all one (WE ALL ARE ONE)’ and to love each other (Let’s Love’), a message in the dimension of Agree to Disagree.”

The ‘WE ALL ARE ONE’ online concert will be held through ‘Cushion Live’, a platform dedicated to the Red Angel Salvation Army.

Meanwhile, on the 26th of last month, Red Angel held an online concert [WE ALL ARE ONE-STOP WAR] to help the victims of the war in Ukraine. In support of the representatives and the COVID-19 global village, the message was spread that ‘just watching a K-POP concert can save a life in the world’.

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