Pearl Abyss ‘Goblin’ music video ‘Topic’ ‘This is the metaverse.’

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Pearl Abyss’ highly anticipated ‘Goblin,’ which captivated global game fans, once again became a hot topic. The music video for the theme song ‘Rockstar,’ released at the US game awards ceremony ‘The Game Awards (TGA),’ continues to receive favorable reviews. We could also get a glimpse of the metaverse game ‘Goblin’ pursued by Pearl Abyss through the video.

The music video for the theme song ‘Rockstar’ of ‘Goblin,’ released by Pearl Abyss through ‘TGA2021′ held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on the 10th, is attracting users’ attention. YouTube views surpassed 1.9 million in two days after its release. An overseas game fan said, “It looks cool. I can’t wait.”

This video captures the process of the main character and his friends practicing choreography to the music of a rock star until they stand on the actual performance stage. It is characterized by a production that looks like a cross-editing of several choreography practice scenes. Only the location and costumes change, but the choreography of the main character and his friends continues. It gives the feeling of watching a music video of a popular K-pop idol group.

In particular, in the case of this video, we could get a glimpse of the metaverse game of ‘Goblin’ revealed by Pearl Abyss.

In the video, the representative cultural assets of Korea, such as Geunjeongjeon Hall of Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, and Namdaemun Gate, were transferred to the virtual world. Pearl Abyss also signed a partnership with the Korea Tourism Organization.

In partnership with CJ, not only the stage of the ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA),’ but also CJ Olive Young’s beauty store and CJ CGV movie theater will appear. On the 11th, this music video was also released at the actual ‘MAMA’ awards ceremony.

This is in line with the characteristics of the metaverse, a virtual world that connects reality. Metaverse refers to a virtual space where users can gather and enjoy various activities like in reality. Users interact by presenting their own alter ego (avatar).

However, users can create their creations for each metaverse service, enjoy mini-games, and watch performances. In the case of Pearl Abyss’ Goblin’, it represents a virtual world like reality. Pearl Abyss said about ‘Goblin,’ “By building a virtual world like reality, we will provide a game experience that crosses the real world and virtual space where cultural experiences and social events are possible.”

The video shows the virtual world like reality, as Pearl Abyss previously revealed. It is predicted that users will experience and interact with real places implemented in the virtual world. Nostalgic games such as ‘Biseokchigi,’ ‘Turn the towel,’ and ‘Peg driving’ also appeared. Considering the appearance of a performance stage or theater, it is expected that various performances and video appreciation will be possible.

One user even commented, “It’s surprisingly a video that shows how the metaverse will be realized.”

Pearl Abyss also made an effort to improve the quality of this video. Lia Kim of the world-class dance crew ‘One Million’ participated as the performance director, and Minny Park and Dohee Kim took charge of the choreography. For realistic production, the choreography of One Million Crew was filmed by Pearl Abyss with motion capture technology.

In addition, the goblin theme song ‘Rock Star’ participated in ‘War of the Stars,’ who composed ‘Dalla Dala’ of the famous girl group ‘ITZY.’ The addictive music unique to K-pop has been well received from the time it was first released.

Pearl Abyss is also partnering with CJ and joint marketing with CJ CGV, CJ ENM (Mnet), and CJ Olive Young. ‘Goblin’ music video will be screened at 144 CGV theaters before the movie screening. You can also watch the Mnet cable broadcast music video program. You can enjoy the Goblin music video and sound source at over 1,250 Olive Young stores nationwide.

‘Goblin’ is an open-world action-adventure game that collects goblins that Pearl Abyss is producing. It contains the main character’s adventures, who sets off to find the goblin. In August, the gameplay video was released at ‘Gamescom,’ Europe’s most significant game show, and gathered a lot of attention. It left an impression on global game fans with K-pop concept music and Korean elements such as hanok, soda, haetaesang, traditional games, and domestic attractions.

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