K-pop that surpasses American movies and dramas

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Hello everyone, I am Lee Jang-gyun for the open cultural tour.

With the global popularity of our Korean singing groups, the so-called K-pop groups, our Korean pop culture is taking its place widely and deeply worldwide.

In particular, it is not an exaggeration to say that even the fields of American popular culture, music, movies, and dramas, which were not even dared to overcome until recently, are now almost occupied.

Through today’s cultural tour, we will take a closer look at the extent to which our young people, the enthusiasm of K-pop, are now impacting American films and dramas. Dong-A University of Broadcasting and Arts Professor Kim Heon-sik, who is a cultural critic, is here.

K-pop, which swept Billboard, also surpasses American movies and dramas.

Starting with the global popularity of BTS, box office cases such as SuperM, NCT127, and Monsta X followed, ‘K-pop’ has become a phenomenon (Phenomenon). The global influence of K-pop is expanding.

This is because the number of use cases such as musicals, dramas, and animations increases beyond primary works such as album sales and sound sources. The reason why the musical ‘K-pop’ was able to expand to Broadway is also because of the global influence of K-pop. Producer Lee Soo-man of SM, a production agency, proudly introduced the

Korean girl group

‘Espa,’ a group created to target the movie Internet virtual space in Hollywood, as “a team that achieved 100 million views in the shortest period.”

Lee Soo-man explained about the new genre ‘CAWMAN’ created by SM, saying, “If you look at the (Espa worldview) video, you can see animations and motion graphics. Espa is doing the culture that starts all over the world for the first time.” did. He said, “It will be a completely new, future content experience,” he said. “There is talk of making a movie in Hollywood.”

As for the move to produce a K-pop-themed drama, the

American entertainment media’ Deadline’ said, “The musical drama ‘Olympic Boulevard’ based on K-pop will be aired on NBC’s video streaming service ‘Peacock.'”.

The story is about the protagonist who experienced failure as a K-pop artist in Korea and recovers as a K-pop training instructor in the United States. It is reported that the drama writer Paula Yoo, a Korean-American, was in charge of the script.

It is speculated that, instead of real K-pop stars appearing as actors, Korean-American production staff will participate and include elements related to Korean culture and music.

‘Somewhere Only We Know’ will be produced by Korean-American Lana Cho, who led the American drama of the movie ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral.’ ‘K-Pop: Demon Hunters’ will also be produced by Korean-American Maggie Kang from Sony Pictures. Megi Kang, a fan of K-pop, told Variety, an American film magazine, that her work is “a love letter to K-pop and Korea, my roots.”

Promoting the production of K-pop related cartoon films

American Hollywood’ Major Sony Pictures Animation’ has started production of ‘K-Pop: Demon Hunters’, an animation featuring a K-pop girl group as the main character.

The story is about a K-pop girl group that secretly defeats the forces of evil while working as singers. It is known that various elements of Hallyu, such as fashion and food, are mixed as well as music.

The working title is ‘K-Pop: Demon Hunters,’ and it is a feature-length fantasy animation about the worldwide girl group K-pop stars defeating evil spirits while active. The production company behind the Academy Award-winning animated feature film ‘Spider-Man: New Universe’ will be producing it, and Chris Apelhans and Korean artist Megi Kang will direct it.

“I have been a K-pop fan since the 90s,” said Korean artist Megi Kang, who directed the American pop culture media, Variety. This movie is a love letter to K-pop and my roots as a Korean.

Director Meggi Kang said, “This film encompasses and celebrates everything about K-pop.” Director Chris Appelhans also said, “I always wanted to make a film about the power of music. K-pop is the best material to realize this, and I am very happy to celebrate and showcase this through the lens.”

Hollywood movie ‘Seoul Girls’ also spurs production.

Netflix movie ‘Somehow Romance.’

Rebel Wilson, the heroine of the Netflix original movie ‘Somehow Romance,’ said through his SNS that he is about to make his directorial debut next year and hold an audition at the end of this year.

Rebel Wilson added the words’ Girl Group’ and a picture of the back of the four girls. This is because Rebel Wilson’s directorial debut is dealing with a K-pop girl group. Rebel Wilson from Hojul is an actor who has shown a unique charm in several comedy films.

He is leading many fans in Korea with the movie ‘Pitch Protect’ series and Netflix original movie ‘Somehow Romance.’ He also drew attention with his impressive performance in ‘Jojo Rabbit,’ which received the adaptation at the 92nd Academy Awards.

This work, titled ‘Seoul Girls’, was produced by Liongate and written by writer Kim Young-il, who participated in Showtime’s popular drama ‘Villiance.’

A comedy film depicts the story of a Korean-American high school girl and her friends who participate in a contest to select a singer to perform at the opening performance of the world’s best K-pop boy group. It will tell the story of a Korean-American high school girl who gets to speak on the biggest stage in the world with the help of a former member of a British girl group and a K-pop trainee.

The main character is a Korean-American high school girl. A delightful and warm story about her and her friends participating in a contest to select a singer to be on the opening stage of a global superstar, a K-pop boy group.

According to foreign media reports such as The Hollywood Reporter recently, OTT (Online Video Streaming Service) Netflix produces romantic comedy films depicting the love of a K-pop star.

Korean-American author Maureen Koo’s 2019 novel ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ will be made into a movie. The novel depicts the love story of a K-pop top star, Lucky, who has a world hit song called ‘Heartbeat,’ and a photojournalist for tabloid media in Hong Kong.

BTS recently appeared in a

The sitcom that is a symbol of American pop culture Sitcom is an abbreviation of Situation Comedy. This genre maximizes the atmosphere of the play and maximizes the comic (comedy) elements.

A standard definition is “a broadcast comedy with the same stage and characters, but a different story each time.” In other words, it is defined as a kind of comedy, not a drama. So, in sitcoms, the awards ceremony takes place at the Entertainment Awards, not the Drama Awards.

A common feature is that each story is completed. Still, now the trend is to pursue fun through almost independent episodes in each episode, usually within a prominent, loose storyline framework. Another characteristic is that, as the name suggests, most of the filming occurs in a fixed studio.

BTS was also invited to the American sitcom ‘Friends’ special episode ‘Friends: Reunion.’

Friends: Reunion is a special show in which the original members of the popular American sitcom ‘Friends’, including Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer, appeared in a studio that reproduced the set 17 years ago as it is. )all.

‘Friends: Reunion’ was first aired in the United States through HBO Max at the end of last month. Comedian James Corden hosted the show, and global pop stars such as singers Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga appeared as guests. In Korea, BTS appeared as a special guest video interview and gathered topics.

‘Chinese Friends’ section of ‘BTS’ was deleted, and fans are outraged.

Chinese authorities removed the part where BTS, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga appeared in the HBO drama ‘Friends’ Reunion episode, which is the US version of ‘Three men and three women’ I am listening to the shouts of Chinese fans.

According to Singaporean broadcaster Channel News Asia (CNA), Chinese censors aired the episode with all their cameo appearances removed.

Chinese fans speculated that the reason for the censorship was that BTS went against the heart of the Chinese Communist Party by not mentioning the Chinese soldiers who died in the Korean War while talking about Korea’s history of suffering last year.

For this reason, 104 minutes was streamed worldwide through HBO Max on the 27th, but the Chinese version was a few minutes shorter. One social media user indignantly said, “I waited for weeks to watch Friends Reunion but found out that the Chinese version was all messed up.” Another asked, “Why can’t the censors let us enjoy sitcoms?”

Friends, a comedy-drama about six men and women in their twenties who live in a house in New York, USA, gained popularity in the United States and around the world in the 1990s and early 200s. Although it ended in 2004, the Reunion episode, which featured super-luxurious cast members such as BTS, was made into a one-shot attack.

A K-pop song appeared in DreamWorks Animation’s ‘Trolls: World Tour’ released last year, and the ‘Trolls.

‘series was released in 2016 and is a popular animation film that earned 420 billion won worldwide.

‘Trolls: World Tour’ is a movie depicting an exciting music battle in six troll villages consisting of pop, rock, classic, country, funk, and techno.

Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ was released, and since its release in 2012, Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style,’ which has created a massive craze around the world, has made a surprise appearance.

In the heightened atmosphere, Poppy and Branch not only perfectly digested the song’s signature horse dance to ‘Gangnam Style, but also showed off splendid stage manners comparable to idols, bringing a pleasant laugh.

The K-pop girl group ‘Red Velvet,’ who had visited North Korea, appeared as a K-pop troll and introduced ‘Russian Roulette.’

The appearance of the K-Pop troll, which drew keen attention even before the release of the global group Red Velvet’s casting news, is also not to be missed.

With their lovely visuals, they draw attention with their gorgeous hair colors that reflect the image colors of the actual Red Velvet members, such as Pink (Irene), Yellow (Seulgi), Blue (Wendy), Green (Joy), and Purple (Yeri). A unique collaboration between Works Animation and K-POP is presented.

In particular, in the dance battle with the reggae trolls in the play, the K-pop trolls perform not only perfect choreography to ‘Russian Roulette, one of Red Velvet’s representative songs, but also perform secret missions among trolls of various genres to the audience. provided them with a variety of pleasures.

The musical ‘K-Pop’ with the theme of K-Pop was produced to be staged on Broadway in New York, USA.

And was written by second-generation Korean playwright Jason Kim, and Helen Park participated as a composer. Most of the actors will be of Asian descent. It is exceptionally unusual for Asians to lead performances on Broadway, the mainstream of American popular culture.

A Broadway musical with the theme of ‘K-Pop’ went through the casting process and started counting production. They plan to complete the cast composition with the goal of the premiere next year. This is the first time for a musical performance based on K-pop to be on Broadway.

In an American musical media outlet, Plainville recently reported, “The production team of the musical ‘K-Pop’ has started auditioning for a public video for its Broadway premiere next season.” The K-Pop production team announced on the official website, “We are looking for Korean, Korean-American, and Asian actors in their 20s who will represent the life of a K-pop star.” To play a K-pop star, rich singing and advanced dance skills are essential.

The musical ‘K-Pop’ is a work depicting the process of a significant Korean agency training K-pop singers and entering the US market. It illuminates the unique business equation of K-pop by introducing solos, male groups, and girl groups. The racist prejudice suffered in the US market, the home of pop, was also captured from a critical point of view.

Hollywood’s interest is to reveal the elevated status of K-pop represented by

BTS. It is no longer surprising that BTS’s domination of the Billboard charts and attendance at the Grammy Awards is no longer incredible. Recently, BTS became the first Asian group to decorate the cover of Rolling Stone, a representative American popular culture magazine, and was invited as a guest of ‘Friends: Reunion,’ a special episode of the legendary American drama. BLACKPINK has been selected as one of the 54 women who influence the entertainment industry worldwide and is raising the status of K-Pop by breaking new YouTube views every day.

Recently, in the ‘100 Most Influential Asians’ announced by Goldhouse, an international non-profit organization, the ‘K-pop fandom’ was named along with famous Asian politicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities who rule the world. Has also proven its popularity. Goldhouse explained, “The K-pop fandom has a tremendous impact on social and political activities.”

K-pop is attracting attention as a new subject in Hollywood. Recently, K-Pop and K-Pop stars have been planning and producing films one after another. The fact that Hollywood’s eyes, which can be said to be the most popular and largest’ movie factory’ in the world, are turning towards K-Pop, speaks of the global status that K-Pop has built.

Article Written by: Reporter Jang-gyun Lee of Free Asia Broadcasting, Editor Jin-seo Lee, Web Team Sang-il Kim

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