SK Telecom, K-Pop Metaverse fan meeting ‘The Fan Live’ held. The first hitter was ‘Billy.’

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Announced that they will hold ‘The Fan Live’, a K-pop metaverse fan meeting where K-pop stars and fans can physically communicate on the metaverse platform ISLAND, starting at 20:00 on the 14th.

SK Telecom invites ‘Billie’, the most anticipated K-pop star of 2022, as the first guest to Ifland’s ‘The Fan Live’.

Billy (Siyun, Suhyun, Tsuki, Sean, Haram, Moon Sooah, and Haruna) is a girl group under Mystic Story that shows a strong presence by taking first place in five global charts, including iTunes in the United States in February.

SK Telecom will present ▲Billy’s K-POP Guesthouse Land, a virtual K-pop exhibition hall containing Billy’s worldview, ▲Billy stage costumes, seven kinds of Billy dance choreography motions, etc.

In particular, ‘Billy’s K-POP Guesthouse’ Land provides a variety of content experiences, from Billy’s photos, music videos, and Billy’s statues made with volumetric technology-based holograms to spacious interiors such as the entrance, lobby, and attic.

Starting from the 14th, SK Telecom plans to hold an event to provide Billy’s signed CD and gift cards through a lottery after taking a photo of a person visiting ‘Billy’s K-POP Guesthouse Land and uploading it to the story on his Instagram account for 30 days. Am. More details can be found on the official SNS channel of ISLAND.

K-pop fans are expected to be able to enjoy metaverse fan meetings such as talk show-style fan meetings and Cappella performances with Billy in a virtual space that is prettier than reality through Ifland’s ‘The Fan Live’.

IFLAND’s ‘The Fan Live’ is a reality where direct communication between K-pop stars and fans has become problematic in the non-face-to-face era. Through the metaverse space, celebrities and fans have the opportunity to communicate in three dimensions in the 3D world beyond the 2D screen. It is attracting attention from the entertainment industry.

In the future, SK Telecom plans to continuously introduce content that connects famous K-pop stars and fans in the metaverse space every month, such as inviting ‘Purple Kiss’ and ‘Wooah’ as ​​guests at IFLAND’s ‘The Fan Live’.

Yang Maeng-Seok, head of SK Telecom’s Metaverse CO, said, “The public will be able to communicate directly with K-pop artists and enjoy concerts through Ifland’s ‘The Fan Live’. We will make sure that culture and art can be enjoyed at ISLAND.”

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