SKT Metaverse ‘Ifland’, an open platform to buy and sell items and make money

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SK Telecom will develop ‘ifland,’ which was introduced in early July, as a global metaverse platform representing the 5G era.

SKT announced on the 20th that it had held a press conference in the metaverse space for the first time in a domestic company on the 19th and announced the blueprint for the metaverse popularization era that will lead to ‘ifland.’

ISLAND plans to take the lead in the non-face-to-face trend in the era of COVID-19 through large-scale events such as university festivals and K-pop fan meetings by applying market systems and space production platforms to reflect customer needs. In addition, following Android and iOS, the Oculus Quest version will be released by the end of the year, and the company plans to advance into the global market actively.

In particular, ifland plans to evolve into an ‘open platform’ where anyone can create and communicate with their metaverse world by continuously updating various functions so that the MZ generation familiar with the metaverse can express their individuality in different ways.

First, SKT will introduce a market system that allows customers to purchase and sell various items within Ifland within this year. We plan to apply a platform where all customers who use ISLAND directly design and produce their clothes or articles and create an environment where users can freely trade.

This provides an opportunity for people full of potential and ideas to create and sell their avatar costumes and items within ISLAND. Those who purchase them can express their individuality more clearly in the metaverse world, etc. We plan to provide services that satisfy both sellers and buyers.

In addition, SKT plans to apply a space creation platform that allows users to decorate their room theme, which is currently provided in common. Through this, various partners are expected to directly create and utilize metaverse spaces that fit their tastes and purposes.

A market system or space creation platform can create value as a truly open platform. Users can make the world of friends and realize various possibilities within it, going beyond simply visiting the standardized metaverse space. It is expected that there will be

In addition, SKT plans to continuously hold various large-scale events and events through friends and play the role of a ‘trend setter’ using the non-face-to-face metaverse. SKT is determined that the entertainment industry is a representative industry that can maximize synergy with the metaverse.

In this regard, on the 19th, SKT held a metaverse K-pop fan meeting event in ISLAND together with K-Pop Radar, a K-pop data platform. K-Pop Radar selects the artist and rookie of the month every month to provide a place to communicate with fans.

In the August event, you can watch Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s music video as ‘Artist of the Month’ in Ifland, and members of the group ‘Just Bee’, selected as ‘Rookie of the Month,’ appear as avatars and interact with fans. Take time to communicate.

An event is planned to revive the romance of university life that has been lost in the Corona era. SKT, which presented the possibility of a metaverse campus through the first metaverse freshman entrance ceremony in Korea in March, will conduct a cheering contest for Goyeonjeon (Yeongojeon), a representative event of a domestic university festival, in September, and a new campus in the non-face-to-face era. Culture will be presented.

Fireworks, a representative leisure event in Korea, will also be available at ISLAND. In September last year, SKT and Hanwha signed a strategic agreement to exclusively provide SKT mixed reality content for major domestic fireworks events hosted by Hanwha.

In addition, SKT plans to continue providing various content that users can enjoy in their lifetime, such as ‘Metaverse Love Coaching,’ ‘Music Talk Concert,’ and ‘Indie Salon,’ so that they can meet and communicate differently in the metaverse world. Am.

ISLAND, which started a service for the general public with the release of the iOS version on the 10th, will also introduce the Oculus Quest OS version in the future and expand the Metaverse ecosystem to virtual reality (VR) devices beyond mobile. SKT expects that it will serve as an opportunity to maximize the customer experience and advance the metaverse popularization era by allowing users to access friends through various devices according to their preferences, such as mobile and VR devices.

Ifland plans to introduce the Oculus Quest version within this year and continues expanding the service through various devices in the future.

ISLAND is also planning to advance into the global market in earnest within this year. SKT, which already has experience moving into Hong Kong and the United States through its augmented reality platform ‘Jump,’ plans to expand its services to global customers by launching various overseas app markets.

SKT, which has established itself as Korea’s representative metaverse company with the launch of a friend, plans to expand the world of metaverse that anyone can enjoy easily and with fun through continuous service expansion and strategy in the future.

Yoo Young-sang, SKT MNO business representative, said, “I hope that if and, who has just taken its first steps, will be a place where countless people, including the MZ generation, can transform infinite possibilities into a new reality. We will do our best to become a metaverse platform that can do this.”

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