Atsuro-Seoul Hoseo Arts and Practical School MOU signed, fostering future K-pop leaders.

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Also, the most prominent performance distributor in Korea joined hands with Seoul Hoseo Arts and Practical College to nurture K-pop talent.

At the signing ceremony held at the Hoseo Arts and Practical College in Seoul on the 10th, Lee Dong-Myung, CEO of Arturo, and Lee Un-hee, president of the Seoul Hoseo Arts and Practical College, attended and signed an MOU.

Through the mutual exchange, the two institutions help the future of current students in various ways, such as providing online and offline public relations support, everyday use of facilities and equipment, providing opportunities for current students and graduates to debut, providing professors and instructors appointment opportunities, and providing special lectures and practical options.

In the future, ARTURO plans to create an environment so that students enrolled in Seoul Hoseo Arts and Practical College can gain field practice and stage experience in various settings, including performances and events, before entering the professional stage. Through this program, we plan to actively cooperate with students with extraordinary talents to advance into various fields after graduation, not just gaining stage experience.

Atsuro CEO Lee Dong-Myung said, “Through the signing ceremony today, we want to start a new challenge to create an environment where global talent can be born amid the wave of the K-pop market that is expanding to the world.” We will do our best to provide and invest in them to create a bright future.”

On the other hand, ARTURO is the largest general distributor in Korea regardless of fields such as K-POP, performance, MC, classical music, traditional music, and models. It is growing into comprehensive entertainment.

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