Stray Kids, No. 1 on K-Pop Radar Chart

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The group Stray Kids poses before the press conference to commemorate the mini-album ‘ODDINARY’ release, which was broadcast live online on the morning of the 18th. Stray Kids, a group enjoying global popularity, topped the K-Pop Radar music video weekly chart with their new song ‘MANIAC’.

Stray Kids’ ‘MANIAC’ music video recorded a whopping 30.56 million views during the 13th week of the K-Pop Radar counting period (March 20, 2022 – March 26, 2022) its popularity despite the second week of release. Did.

Stray Kids, who entered 3rd place on the K-Pop Radar weekly chart at the same time as their comeback last week, climbed two businesses in a week and took first place at once.

According to the number of YouTube views by country analyzed by K-Pop Radar, Stray Kids is gaining tremendous popularity in Mexico at 8.9%, the United States at 7.0%, Japan at 6.1%, Indonesia at 6.1%, and Brazil at 5.0%. It was confirmed that South Korea accounted for 2.0%.

K-Pop Radar said, “This group recorded over 30 million views even in the second week of release.”

Also, on this week’s K-Pop Radar music video chart, Red Velvet’s new song ‘Feel My Rhythm’ ranked 2nd, Highlight’s new song ‘DAYDREAM’ ranked 4th, and CRAVITY’s new song ‘Adrenaline’ was 5th. Above, VERIVERY’s new song ‘O’ ranked 6th, confirming the strength of comeback artists. The K-Pop Radar music video chart with detailed data can be found on the K-Pop Radar website.

Following the music video chart, the ‘Weekly Fandom Chart’, which reveals artists who have recorded large-scale fandom expansion, also drew attention.

On the weekly fandom chart for the 13th week, Kim Se-Jeong, who is currently appearing in the drama ‘Meet the Guy’, overtook the BTS members on the Instagram chart and maintained the top spot for the second week. In addition, Stray Kids, who took first place on the K-Pop Radar music video chart, rose one place on the Twitter chart and climbed to sixth place.

On the other hand, K-Pop Radar is a music startup that introduced “Blip, Duckmate in My Hand”, a fan platform receiving a hot response from the K-Pop fandom for the music industry. It is a service that was opened free of charge.

Currently, it provides changes in the number of real-time music video views, YouTube subscribers, Twitter, Instagram followers, etc., of 676 domestic teams in the form of a website. It has created a topic by releasing the ‘K-Pop World Map’ every year. There is.

In 2020, they signed an official partnership agreement with Twitter and announced the 10-year growth graph and current status of K-pop. In 2021, they announced the 2021 K-pop world map with TikTok and held the first K-pop conference.

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