The battle for the ‘K-POP world throne’ by six boy groups appearing in ‘Kingdom’ is about to begin!

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The real battle for the throne is about to begin.

Stray Kids won the final episode of “Kingdom: Legendary War” (Kingdom), which aired on Mnet on June 3.

In addition, BTOB, iKON, SF9, THE BOYZ, ATEEZ, etc., also took pride and re-appealed their charm to fans in Japan and worldwide. And, informing him that he will work on full-scale activities from now on, he is about to start the battle for the throne of the K-POP world.

Up-and-coming boy groups are coming back one after another!
First of all, SF9 will make a comeback with the 9th mini album “TURN OVER” on July 5, and cut the fire. This album is the third of the series “9lory” that has been released since last year. At the end of this third album, SF9 will put a period in this worldview.

ATEEZ was planning to release Japan’s first single, “Dreamers,” on July 28 and announced the fan meeting event in Japan.

THE BOYZ showed brilliant growth as the winner of “Road to Kingdom,” which was a hot topic at the time of broadcasting in 2020, and also demonstrated various charms in “Kingdom” in August. The comeback is revealed.

The winner, Stray Kids, is currently preparing for a comeback. Mnet plans to hold “KINGDOM WEEK,” which is a winning privilege, to coincide with the recovery of Stray Kids.

BTOB officially released “Blue Moon (Cinema Ver.)”, Which was unveiled at “Kingdom” on June 13 and received a lot of attention from fans. I felt the afterglow that still did not disappear.

IKON has also recently joined the fan community platform Weverse to communicate with fans around the world.

“Kingdom” What are the future possibilities?

“Kingdom” is a little unsatisfactory compared to the effect that “Queendom” and “Road to Kingdom” broadcasted in the past created a point of contact between K-POP idols and fans through the program. There were.

In both programs, the casting team achieved dramatic growth at the time of broadcasting and after broadcasting. However, all the groups that appeared this time already have established fans. Therefore, there is a lot of interest in what kind of results will be brought to future comebacks and activities by demonstrating their new appeal this time.

A person in the song industry said, “I’m hoping that kingdom will increase the number of domestic and overseas fans, but I haven’t realized it yet. I’m wondering what kind of synergistic effect will be produced. I’m looking forward to seeing how much they will grow from the end of the broadcast. “

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