‘Nagoya Dalgul K Dance K Beauty’ 2021 K-Pop Idol Dancers Top 10 In Japan

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“K-pop dance that will make Nagoya’s hot summer even hotter~” Ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, Japan’s largest K-beauty-based K-pop dance festival will be held.

The World Culture and Arts Foundation (Chairman Yoshimi Kayama), a general foundation in Japan, together with Asia’s top beauty crew, Oh Min Creative Group (Director Oh Min), will hold the 2021 K-POP Idol Dancers at Atopia Hall, Nagoya Youth Cultural Center, Japan at 1:30 pm on the 9th. It was announced that the first qualifying round (semi-finals) of the Top 10 in Japan would be held.

This survival audition is a K-pop culture and art contest held in central Nagoya, the center of Japanese culture and art. Many Japanese teenagers who prefer K-trends, such as BTS, Monster X, and Twice, will participate.

To this end, the World Foundation for Arts and Culture held preliminary rounds in all regions of Japan, and talented talents who went through such fierce competition once again perform a group dance with the bet that they advance to the final round (scheduled for September 1-2).

■ Provocative and powerful choreography, directing K-beauty pride ‘Oh Min Creative.’

This stage, which will be broadcast on video platforms such as Japan’s YouTube Live, Zoom, and Insta Live, is set to heat up as a ‘preliminary idol battle’ dreaming of a leap through K-pop. The contest’s judges include legendary fashion model Noh Chung-yang and the master of the art world, painter Frankie.

The colorful costumes of the contestants and the provocative yet powerful point choreography are another attraction that adds excitement to the exciting K-pop song atmosphere.

The hair & makeup coordination of Ohmin Creative Group, which puts the pride of K-beauty Jizone, is also a factor to pay attention to.

The Oh Min team is determined to show off the beautiful spirit and K-trend of Korea, a beauty powerhouse, to the Japanese market through coordinators of the winners and contestants.

Oh Min and his representative Asia’s best beauty maker team, ‘Oh Min Creative,’ are in charge of beauty parts for over 200 domestic and international fashion shows in one year alone.

Oh, Min is the first person to bring the concept of a beauty director to the Korean fashion world and is undoubtedly the best artist in Asia. 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup eve, Miss University 2010, Face of Asia, Armani, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo, Gucci, Chanel, etc., decorated more than 5,000 runways for over 32 years.

In particular, Oh Min took on directing beauty at the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony celebration fashion show and created a scene in which a tile is placed on a headdress, receiving praise from the world press. She was in charge of beauty for Girl’s Day, Kara, Nana & Gahee, and Nine Muses.

■ K-beauty, popular in Japan, as an icon of bilateral friendship culture and art

The World Culture and Arts Foundation aims to promote friendship between Korea and Japan through cultural and artistic exchanges through this contest, and to take root in Japan with K-beauty, such as Korean food that Japanese people prefer, how to manage a healthy body shape in Korea, and a healthy diet suitable for the K trend era.

The Japan World Culture and Arts Foundation, the organizer, is a representative cultural foundation of Korea-Japan culture and arts that promotes and aims for international friendship through Japanese youth culture and arts activities. We are nurturing cultural and artistic friendships focusing on Korea, Japan, and Asia, and we are putting our best efforts into planning from a global perspective.

It was established to support the dreams and passions of youth responsible for the future and put them into practice through a sound cultural and artistic arena.

President Yoshimi Kayama of the World Foundation for Arts and Culture said, “I wish for the healthy development of Korean and Japanese youth to solve the historical pain of the past of Korea-Japan relations through lessons and to learn so that the historical pain of the past will not be repeated.” Through cooperation, we are looking forward to becoming a guide in the right direction in the era of global education beyond borders.”

Meanwhile, as partners of this competition, the Japan-Korea Culture and Arts Promotion Association, Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee, Asia Model Awards, Face of Asia, Face of Korea, Andre Kim Design Atelier, and ‘Derma Queen,’ a beauty device company specializing in pursuing healthy beauty. Participate as an official sponsor.

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