The comeback of the 3rd album of ‘Dustin’, the K-pop warrior who returned even stronger!!

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The global boy group ‘DUSTIN,’ consisting of 6 members ‘Siwoo/Lake/Seunggi/Daon/Alex/Rafael,’ released their music in advance on ‘Arirang TV Simply K-pop (May 29) ‘, the first official comeback activity.

‘BLACKLIST,’ which Dustin, who has reinforced global members this time, proceeds with as the album title, is an original K-POP dance genre and boasts a sharp choreography and a solid vocal part like a K-pop warrior.

In addition, among music officials, it is said that “by introducing dark rap and unisex rap as a boy group, we showed the details of the work that further raised the quality.” And Dustin, in this

Activity It is a plan to show broadcasting and promotion activities with a unique double concept of ‘aristocratic style + rough style, black and white, etc.’

Meanwhile, expectations are high for Dustin’s activities, which are dedicated to strengthening the global fandom, with promotions prepared, the broadcast, and the comeback schedule on June 1.

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