‘Simply K-Pop’ rocking doll, ‘Rocking doll’ that shook global fans’ hearts.

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The girl group Rocking doll left solid global fans with a splendid stage.

The rocking dolls (Roa, Juri, Ari, and Lena) appeared on Arirang TV’s ‘Simply K-Pop,’ which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 10th, and performed ‘Rocking Doll,’ the title song of their first single album ‘Rocking Doll.’ stage was revealed.

The Rocking Dolls made a mark on global fans with a stage filled with passion and enthusiasm for all teenagers. The rocking doll, which caught the eye with its visuals and styling that snipes the taste of Generation Z, left a deep impression with the highly addictive ‘Rocking doll.’

The rocking idol dominated the stage with an energetic and powerful performance. The atmosphere of the song ‘Rocking Doll’ was raised to the climax by adding relaxed stage manners, facial expressions, and gestures that are not like rookies. In addition, she showed three-dimensional charm with the chorus point choreography, ‘Nanna Dance.’

Rocking Doll’s debut title song, ‘Rocking Doll’, is a powerful electronic techno genre song that contains the confidence and hope of a rocking idol that they can move forward toward their goals.

Rocking Doll, who has taken a stinging eye on the taste of Generation Z, is planning to continue actively appearing on music shows with their debut title song, ‘Rocking Doll.’

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