The reason why Luna Min and Kevin Kim Bo-hyung’s entry into the US Broadway stage is significant

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The news of pop singers’ Billboard Chart in the US and concerts sold out in North America are no longer ‘big news’ enough to occupy the front pages of newspapers in Korea. Now, news of BTS’ number one on the Billboard chart, awards at various awards ceremonies in the United States, and information about BLACKPINK appearing on famous American talk shows come as naturally as usual.

This trend a few days ago, it was reported that Korean idol singers such as f(x) ‘s Luna, Miss A’s Min, U-Kiss’ Kevin, Spica Kim Bo-hyeong, and other Korean idol singers appeared on ABC’s representative morning program ‘Good Morning America.’ Nevertheless, ‘Good Morning America’ has been frequented by Hallyu idol groups representing K-pop, such as BTS, Black Pink, NCT127, and Tomorrow X Together. However, this news did not receive much attention in Korea.

Some may be skeptical, saying, ‘How big is the news that some popular K-pop idol members appeared on ‘Good Morning America’? Nevertheless, there are reasons to pay attention to this news. First, they appeared on ABC because of their appearance in a Broadway musical in New York.

On October 13 (local time), a preview performance of the musical ‘KPOP’ was held at the Circle in the Square Theater on Broadway, New York, USA. From the preview performance, the audience was not Asian, but Western blondes filled the audience, and after the performance, cheers and applause continued.

After finishing the preview performance of the musical ‘K-Pop,’ Min said to me, “The aftertaste of the first day still doesn’t go away. The applause and chanting from local Americans continued even after the performance was over, and we waited until the actors came out, and then the cheering continued.”

The K-Pop musical will officially open on Broadway on November 20 after a preview performance. The significance of this performance is that it is the first Broadway musical with the theme of Korean songs, Korean characters, and above all, K-pop, Korean music.

The process of debuting as a singer and the effort and passion behind idols as the subject matter. This work was tested off-Broadway in 2017 and was recognized for its work and box office performance, and this year, it finally made its way to Broadway. Second-generation Korean playwright Jainson Kim wrote the screenplay, and the lyrics were written and composed by Helen Park and Max Vernon, of Korean descent.

Above all, members from the second-generation idol group who can be said to be the main characters of K-pop Hallyu, such as Luna from f(x) and musical actors Min from Miss A, Kim Bo-hyeong from Spica, and Kevin from U-Kiss. It is even more meaningful in that a large number of people participate.

Casting was made by local producers in the United States, who directly searched for former idols in Korea and went through an audition. It is rumored that the production team directly contacted them, considering their singing and English skills, and casting was done.

Luna, Min, and Kim Bo-Hyung have already been preparing for this musical by moving to New York for several months.

Min said, “It was an unfamiliar and lonely challenge for all actors, including myself. However, after months of heartfelt hard work, the dream of making a Broadway debut came true. I feel great pride as a Korean.”

In recent years, the status and popularity of K-pop in North America, including the United States, has been hotter than ever. One of Broadway’s most essential works this fall is ‘K-Pop,’ which proves this.

Although it has not yet attracted much attention in Korea, the thermometer in the local theater district on Broadway has already started to heat up. Posters of the musical ‘K-Pop’ were hung all over Times Square in New York, and advertisements began to play. In addition, local broadcasters, including ‘Good Morning America,’ are reporting the release of this musical dealing with the Korean entertainment industry one after.

The Korean Wave finally started to heat up on Broadway in New York.

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