‘Blackpink to the UN’ K-pop idols warn of climate change.

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The ‘UN SDG Moment’ (UN SDG Moment) was held in New York on the 19th (local time). The K-pop girl group BLACKPINK appeared at a conference where leaders from all over the world gathered. Black Pink member Rosé warned through a video message, “The climate crisis is getting more and more serious.”

More and more K-pop idol singers are raising their voices for environmental protection. As eco-friendliness and good consumption become a trend among the MZ generation, the MZ generation idols who lead K-pop culture are also warning about the climate crisis and the environment.

Last year, Blackpink became the first Asian artist to be appointed as an ambassador for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The global super group ‘BTS’ drew attention when they appeared in upcycling clothes at the opening session of the UN SDG Moment on September 20 last year. On the occasion of Earth Day on April 22, boy group WINNER and TREASURE conducted a campaign to “thank nature and deal with climate change” through the official YouTube channel.

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