TWICE’s ‘What is Love?’, a gust of reverse running ‘Surges three times’

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TWICE’s ‘What is Love?’ We focused on reverse driving cases.

K-Pop Radar said,” ‘What is Love?’ The choreography cover challenge has become popular, and the number of views of the music video is also going backward,” he said. “The number of views per day has increased three times compared to 30 days ago.”

Currently, there are more than 300,000 videos created with the sound of ‘What is Love?’ on TikTok, and the total number of views of the #WhatisLove hashtag has exceeded 67.35 million.

‘What is Love?’ was counted on the K-pop radar on the 22nd. The daily number of views of the music video recorded was about 810,000, the highest increase in 90 days.

This is the highest number of daily views since 2019, excluding the year in which ‘What is Love? Twice’s ‘What is Love?’ is getting more daily hits than the new song ‘Alcohol-Free’ released last month.

Not only the music video but also the sound source showed a reverse run. On the 15th, it climbed to 2nd place in Colombia, the Philippines, and Thailand on the iTunes K-pop song chart. It achieved a splendid achievement by entering the TOP 10 in 13 countries, including Brazil, Chile, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, 3rd, and Peru 5th. All.

In response, K-Pop Radar said, “The beauty of TikTok is that the voluntary participation of fans leads to unintended publicity effects.” “The popularity of TikTok is quickly reflected in music videos and sound sources.”

On the other hand, K-Pop Radar is a fandom data specialized service opened by music startup Space Audi to help you understand fandom data at a glance following the rapid growth of K-Pop.

Currently, the number of music video views of 640 Korean artist teams, YouTube subscribers, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify followers, and fan cafe members are provided through a web service in the form of graphs and charts.

Recently, it signed an official partnership agreement with Twitter and released the ‘2020 #KpopTwitter World Map’, which drew attention. There is.

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