A Manga Exist Where Chicken Is The Main Character

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Rooster Fighter is the battle action manga that recounts the narrative of how humankind is compromised by beasts with overpowering might called “Kijuu.”

As the cities are destroyed are obliterated and individuals fall into despair, a rooster rises up to confront the danger. It is the narrative of how a solitary chicken saves humankind.

Rooster Fighter was a lovely surprise for fans of the new padded fighter, as its maker reported that the story has started to be distributed in actual structure with the appearance of the first volume of the manga.

In the official account record of Shyu Sakuratani, the cover comparing to volume 01 of Rooster Fighter was shared and is presently accessible in Japan. Since the manga started composing just this year, this volume is required to contain it’s first five (or six) chapters.

Rooster Fighter started as a web manga composed and illustrated by Shyu Sakuratani that is distributed on Complex Hero’s page. The creator continually distributes representations of his heroin to various locales of the world that he has visited as a component of his visit to advance the manga.

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