Roboco complains to the Jump editorial department

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In commemorating the animation of the gag manga “Boku and Roboco” serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, crowdfunding for the project “I want to run Roboco Mugen Train on the Yamanote Line and Roboco x Yamanote Line!” started.

The crowdfunding period for the published JUMP editorial department’s complaining manga (laughs) Roboco x Yamanote Line delusional photos will be crowdfunded from the 28th to January 31st of next year, and the JR Yamanote Line is wrapping Roboco The Mugen Train is scheduled to start operating in March next year. Luxurious entry points and return items such as raw manuscripts signed by the original author, limited goods, and the right to appear in the original work are available.

Regarding the process leading up to the crowdfunding, according to Roboco, even though it was made into an anime, Roboco received less exposure than other significant works, and the editorial department of Jump said, “We can’t get any publicity for Roboco at all.” While lamenting, “It’s a difference in popularity!!” he complained, “There are many advertisements for “SPY×FAMILY” on 109 and “BLEACH” on the Yamanote Line…”. Therefore, Roboco decided to start a project to collect supportive advertisements himself.

The aim is to put out a support advertisement (self-performed) on the Yamanote Line that runs through metropolitan Tokyo and to satisfy the recognition of “Boku and Roboco,” and Roboco’s desire for approval, the “Roboco Infinite Train” with collaboration wrapping specifications will be on the Yamanote Line for one week. Make them run.

The work is based on the manga of the same name, which began serialization in “Weekly Shonen Jump” on July 6, 2020, and is set in an era when a beautiful girl maid robot “Order Made (OM)” has spread to every household. So an ordinary 5th-grade elementary school student (Taira Bond) was excited to buy his long-awaited custom-made item at home finally.

However, what came to my house was an OM that was different from the catalog. A slapstick gag comedy that begins with the strange daily life of the strongest clumsy maid Robo Robo and the kind-hearted boy, Bond. The broadcasting of TV animation will start on TV Tokyo on December 4.

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