$2,000 Tickets And All-Male Speakers: The ‘Make Women Great Again’ Convention Is Causing Outrage On The Internet

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“Make Girls Great Again”–that is the tagline of this forthcoming”The 22 Convention” which will happen in May in Orlando, Florida. It’s causing some enormous waves of disbelief and anger both on the internet and from the media.

Some folks are outraged at virtually every component of the convention. That it costs 2,000 dollars to get a ticket (though there is a 2-for-1 early bird deal happening today ). The speaker lineup consists only of the men. The tradition promises to show girls how to become”perfect” and”greatest wives.”

Meanwhile, the conference fashions itself as a competition of feminism and claims to market”all types of positive femininity.” It also claims on its website it is going to be”the mansplaining occasion of this century.”

“The 22 Convention” with the slogan “Make Women Great Again” is causing shock.

It vows to tell ladies the best way to be “perfect” and “extreme spouses”

This year will be the first run through the “Make Women Great Again” show will be held. It’s a side project from Anthony Dream Johnson’s “The 21 Convention” that has been running since 2007. “The 21 Convention,” as indicated by the coordinators of the occasion, is a “master father, star man, expert manliness” occasion that instructs men to be men in the 21st century. Among the speakers at the “Make Women Great Again” occasion is Mike Cernovich, just as Stefan Molyneux.

This is the thing that the show asserts on its site.

Meanwhile, the principal speaker of this occasion would be Johnson, who fashions himself “The 1st President of this Manosphere.”

The so-called manosphere is described on Wikipedia as a free assortment of mostly web-based misogynist moves which are connected with the alt-right. Johnson lashed out in this post and advised the press that”that is a conventional lies and crap smear effort to undermine the developing strength, size, and positive effect of the manosphere.”

Johnson received”thousands of remarks attacking” him expected them all

Bored Panda achieved to Johnson to determine his side of this story and also to discuss the criticism he’s obtained on the internet. He started by clarifying the ‘The 22 Convention’ is”a development” of’The 21 Convention’ which he set when he was just 17 years old.

“There have been numerous remarks attacking me in people, such as explicit threats of terrorism and mass violence against the event, folks trusting I perish. We are going to be coordinating with law enforcement and accredited security concerning these dangers to have a secure, powerful, and wonderful seminar expertise,” Johnson explained how significant the backlash he received.

He explained that he has been on the receiving end of virtually every negative remark possible: by being advised that he”stinks with girls” to being known as”brief” and other NSFW opinions. Johnson said that things are going just as he anticipated and that he has been”laughing his ass off the last few days.”

“I like creating great things, making fantasies come true, and tripping the [crap] from individuals. I have also enjoyed posting videos and photos to upset that the haters more.”

“The assignment of’The 22 Convention’ is precisely what the tagline says, to Make Girls Great Again. We are talking mostly to Western and American girls here; it’s not quite as important in countries such as Poland where sex relationships continue to be positive, most girls continue to be good, do not hate guys, adopt natural femininity and motherhood.”

Johnson believes the US must change for it to endure

None. The result of not making girls great again is going to be the entire collapse of the family that this century and the ensuing destruction of the USA.”

In Johnson’s view, his critics”know we are correct but can not take it, however, so that they freak out and gradually realize we are correct later on.” Also, he invited his critics to become more outspoken since it will help spread his message: “We appreciate your irrational hate.”

Johnson also said that he thinks there is presently a”feminist war on motherhood” happening and called for it to finish. Also, he expressed his view that feminism” ought to be looked at and analyzed as a national security threat.”

Arif-Fear told Bored Panda that the first items which make women eliminate respect for guys are a misogynistic attitude and lack of respect for individuals around them. Bored Panda was interested in listening to Arif-Fear’s opinion on what character traits she would prefer all guys to get. That is precisely what she had to say: “Egalitarian values, respect for all human beings, kindness, and compassion, and devotion.”

Positive masculinity, to instruct them it’s okay to cry, they shouldn’t be frightened of the feelings, so they need to be proud of who they are and being a person does not mean commanding or feeling threatened by girls.”

Keep away from rigid toxic sex stereotypes–allow them to grow individuals who they are while cultivating a feeling of great respect to them and people of all sexes and genders.”

Arif-Fear continued: “I’d love to add that increasing son to become feminists (understanding what that means) and to honor all women and individuals of all sexes and sexualities, isn’t only about teaching young men to honor women, but also critically modeling and teaching a feeling of positive masculinity. Men shouldn’t feel’embarrassed’ to shout or embarrassed to be a man on account of the suffering of girls.”

“Rigid sex criteria will need to be dealt with. Equality, empathy and respect for everybody ought to be educated, such as (and as a result of condition of society now ) a spotlight on the best way best to take care of girls, women’s rights, and also making a fantastic boy, brother, dad, spouse, friend, colleague, neighbor.”

“Raising sons as feminists and with an awareness of positive masculinity should and has to go together, while also allowing for gender fluidity, individualism and dismissing rigid sex stereotypes,” Arif-Fear clarified her position.

Some girls could not think that an occasion like this could take place in contemporary society.

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