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With a nation filled with castles, fairy tales, and even a Romantic Road, how can Germany not be intimate?! I am a sucker for Valentine’s Day and can not resist visiting as many romantic locations in Germany as possible (such as an escape past weekend to Bamberg). If you are traveling with your significant other, your loved ones, or perhaps merely great friends, here’s a listing of 8 exceptionally romantic locations in Germany which you have to visit! * The best part? The majority of them are attainable as weekend excursions from Germany (thank you, Deutsche Bahn, along with also an excellent transport system!).


Heidelberg, Germany will always be the most romantic spot in Germany for me – it’s where the Prince and I met. We try visiting this town every year (and good for us, twice this year!) and I may have dropped various indications that we ought to get ready for marriage or wedded in Heidelberg (folks, genuinely see this wedding scene – dream wedding setting! What’s more, wedding photographs at the palace? Swooning! In any case, I diverge… ).

There are such a large number of sentimental activities in Heidelberg – walk connected at the hip along the longest passerby road in Germany, move up to Schloss (Heidelberg Castle) to see a whole perspective on the town, and have a healthy supper at Schnitzelhaus Alte Münz.


As often as possible named one of the most beautiful towns in the entirety of Germany, Tübingen is situated in southern Germany. As a customary college town, around 33% of the populace are understudies. Good for me, I contemplated abroad here six years prior during my undergrad years!

Tübingen is particularly sentimental throughout the winter months. With a light snow falling, Neckar Island is the ideal spot for a walk – respect the beautiful houses coating the waterway, walk the cobblestone lanes up to the manor, and enjoy chocolate during the yearly celebration!


Having recently returned from a romantic weekend at Bamberg, it’s the ideal escape in Germany. Nestled in Bavaria (but do not telephone the citizens Bavarian, they are Franconian!), it’s near enough to the larger city of Würzburg (magical too ) but still secluded. The majority of the old town is currently a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The essential allure of Bamberg? It’s true; you win brownie points by taking your boyfriend/husband/significant additional there. In all honesty, I find it disgusting — it has a smoky taste (duh) along with a bacon flavor. But it’s adored by the natives. After drinking a lot of beers, be sure that you admire the stunning old Rathaus (City Hall).


The quintessential Christmas town, Rothenburg ob der Tauber has more than 1,000 years of history. Because of nearby laws and protection endeavors, the more significant part of the Old Town stays unaltered – even the first town dividers! Rothenburg ob der Tauber is situated along the Romantic Road, a 350-kilometer street in southern Germany that associates probably the most beguiling towns in the nation.

The best time to take a romantic escape to Rothenburg ob der Tauber? Christmas time! The whole Old Town transforms into a winter wonderland. Between the sweet fragrances and tasty Glühwein, there’s nothing more sentimental than the Christmas soul.


Situated in former East Germany, Erfurt is a city full of history, culture, and architecture. Erfurt not just played a significant part in Protestant history (Martin Luther studied and lived in town), but it also once had a flourishing Jewish population.

A romantic weekend at Erfurt does not count unless you have walked the famed Krämerbrücke (Merchants’ Bridge). With half-timbered homes lining each side of this bridge, it will become a particularly enchanting walk as darkness approaches along with the strung lights flicker on through the night. Do not forget to rush into one of the numerous cafes for a romantic dinner and java.


Envision riding an old steam-motor train as it wraps up the cold mountainside to the summit. The Brockenbahn follows this precise voyage up the most high top in the Harz Mountains. Remain outside at the rear of the train and cluster for warmth while taking in the most lovely wintertime sees. Encompassing the historical backdrop of the mountain are legends of fantasies and witches and spying!

In the wake of going through the majority of the day going here and there the mountain on the Brockenbahn, I appreciate strolling around the new town of Goslar. Make a point to stop into Brauhaus Goslar for some customary German nourishment and delicious brew!


Just 30 minutes outside of Hamburg, I take all my visits to the community of Lüneburg. A college town, Lüneburg is loaded up with cobblestone lanes and heaps of shrouded paths. Furthermore, fun reality – at a certain point, there were more than 80 bottling works in Lüneburg!

Much like Hamburg, the city is encompassed by water – making it a particularly affected area in Germany (evening walks around the harbor!?). It’s an extraordinary end of the week escape (or even only a day trip) from Hamburg!


I lovingly call the island of Sylt the Hamptons of Northern Germany – and in light of current circumstances! As one of the most costly places in the entirety of Europe, it’s anything but difficult to be ruined on the island by extravagance! With a variety of yummy eateries, curious towns dabbing the island, beacons, sandy seashores, and flawless perspectives, how might it be able not to be sentimental?!

Because of the crazy costs, the Prince and I just went through a night there. Be that as it may, it’s such a dazzling and sentimental spot in Germany!


I will be straightforward, narrowing this rundown down to 8 romantic places in Germany was almost incomprehensible. I forgot about at any rate 5-10 different places only for length! I ought to have named this article 8 sentimental towns in Germany since I didn’t call a portion of my preferred emotional urban communities (Dresden promptly rings a bell… ).

In any case, I’d love to know – what’s your preferred affected area?! It doesn’t make a difference if it’s in Germany or not!

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