‘14.2 billion views’ The driving force behind the K-Webtoon boom Cartoonist Chang Sung-rak dies at the age of 37

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Manga artist Chang Sung-rak (DUBU), who was in charge of drawing the world-famous Webtoon “Solo Staging,” died on the 23rd. He is 37 years old.

REDICE STUDIO, the production company of “Solo Staging,” of which Mr. Chan is the representative, said, “I left us due to sudden deterioration of my health.” It was held at a family funeral. ” REDICE STUDIO added, “The deceased has a chronic illness and died of cerebral hemorrhage caused by this.”

Mr. Chan is a writer who has drawn action fantasy comic genres such as “Beautiful Legend” and “Space Dandy.” In March 2018, it became popular by serializing “Solo Staging” on the Kakao Page.

In 2016, writer Chugong wrote a web novel, which was made into a webtoon in 2018 and recorded a cumulative total of 14.2 billion views globally. Recently, he collaborated with “A-1 Pictures”, a famous Japanese animation production company, and produced the same work as an animation.

It is a webtoon in which the main character grows from a low-ranking hunter to the strongest warrior in a world where a gate route connects the current world and another dimension.

The Kakao Entertainment side of the serialization expressed condolences, saying, “The sudden sad news of the writer who caused the K Webtoon boom all over the world is unfortunate and disappointing.”

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