Popular ranking of TV anime characters voiced by voice actor Junichi Suwabe! 1st place goes to ‘Viktor Nikiforov (Yuri!!! on ICE)’!

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Therefore, from January 28th to February 4th, 2023, the Netorabo research team conducted a questionnaire asking, “Who does Junichi Suwabe play your favorite TV anime character?” was carried out. We received a total of 4147 votes in the questionnaire. Thank you to everyone who voted for your cooperation! Let’s see the results.

1st place: Victor Nikiforov (Yuri!!! on ICE)
The first place is ” Viktor Nikiforov ( Yuri!!! on ICE )”. With 2148 votes, more than half of the ballots were collected, and it became the first place. Viktor is a living legend in the Russian figure skating world who appears in the figure skating anime “Yuri!!! on ICE”. Despite his overwhelming achievements, ability, and charisma, he suddenly came to Japan for some reason. He shows up to Yuri Katsuki, who has returned to his parent’s home in Saga Prefecture after struggling to grow as a figure skater. And I will be teaching him…!? We received many praised comments such as “It’s packed.”

2nd place: Archer (Fate / stay night)
Second place was “Archer (Fate/stay night),” with 387 votes. Archer is a male Servant (familiar) summoned by Rin Tohsaka. Archer is a cynical realist and, for some reason, does not reveal his actual name to his master, Rin Tohsaka. Contrary to his excellent appearance that is good at general household chores, he is an attractive character that shows a childish side from time to time and consideration for others that can be felt from every word. There must be many fans who admire Suwabe-san’s excellent voice and have imitated his English chanting.

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