Impressed voice of the members of ‘This is a wonderful spokon anime’ ‘Love Live! Superstar !! 2nd term’

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The second episode of “Love Live! Superstar !!” 2nd term (every Saturday night 19: 00-19: 25, NHK E-Tele), the latest work of the popular idol anime series, “2nd grade and 1st grade,” is in July. It was broadcast on the 24th. In the second episode, the story of a second-grade member who worries about the situation where the number of applicants for joining the school idol club does not increase and the only first-grade member is drawn. (Hereafter, spoilers are included)

Is it because of a child who finds it difficult to join the club?
School idol Liella! Welcomes new members and loves live! This work aims for the championship. Liella ! has become six people, including her freshman, Kinako, but she hasn’t been good at exercising since she was little. She can’t hide her fatigue from her hard practice. The second graders who saw such a child revealed that Sumire “Kuku could not have abdominal muscles even once” and that Kuku gave “Kinakina” his former practice menu. Kanon is the center. Encourage each method, such as standing up.

Kinako, who was running in the morning with the encouragement of her seniors, joined Kanon one day. So she gave her a love live! As important as her goal of winning the championship, she is asked, “She wants everyone to know that school idols are fun’.”

Knowing the honest feelings of her seniors, Kinako takes the courage to invite her bad classmate May to the school idol club, but she refuses when she says, “I’m not interested in school idols.” She then everyone and hips even if she solicited other first graders. She blames her, saying, “She is practicing so hard that she misunderstands that the school idol club is a tough club.”

Kinako’s resolution stops changing goals and practices menu policies.

After hearing from Kinako about the first grade, the second-grade members started thinking about changing their policies. When Chisato cut out her “let’s make her practice menu easier,” she first agreed with her Love. Other members decide to change their policy to her words, which seems to be the daughter of the founder of Yuigaoka Girls’ High School, “I want to make school idols take root in this school more than winning Love Live!”. In the poster for recruiting members, the two letters “Love Live! Winner” are overwritten with “Love Live! Participation”, and the practice time is significantly shortened. In addition, the mood for welcoming beginners will be fully opened, such as by presenting takoyaki at the school gate and soliciting it.

Meanwhile, Kinako receives advice from Mei. She loves school idols, reminding her that she joined the club even though she knew that the practice menu was challenging, and “go ahead” and “believe what you wanted to do and what you wanted to aim for.” Don’t worry about the voices around you. “

Kinako, who resumed running early in the morning, proposes to the second-grade members who joined in the park to restore the practice menu. She emphasizes, “She is a love live! I was longing for seniors who are aiming for the championship.” Kanon’s words, “If you return the menu, the first grader may not join the club, and you may become a single child. Is that okay?” I decided that. In this exchange, on Twitter, there were moving voices such as “Kinako-chan is hot !!”, “I’m crying big,” “I haven’t heard that the tear glands will collapse in episode 2 !?”, “This is a wonderful spokon anime.”

The ending members are too cute!
The ending unveiled for the first time was as much talked about as the main story of the crying thing. Nine people dressed in the same tone show a relay to feed the strawberry of the shortcake to the next person, exchange hairstyles, etc., in the song “Beyond the Chasing Dream” sung by Kinako. In addition, “ED is the too cute problem” “Isn’t it the one who has come to kill the otaku completely!” It became, “said a series of acclaimed tweets.

The third episode, “Winner Candidate,” which is likely to appear in earnest with a mysterious purple-haired girl who is conscious of Kanon, who appeared in the last part of the main story, will be broadcast on Sunday, July 31st.

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