2021 Autumn AnimeThree famous works ‘Cry for each episode’ VS ‘Laughing too much and hurting my stomach.’

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There is laughter, and there are tears! ?? 2021 autumn anime topical work with rich individuality

How many words did you complete in the fall 2021 anime? Due to the busyness at the end of the year, many works may not be completed until the end of this term. However, I want to remember the works that have become a hot topic on SNS. This article will introduce three famous works from the autumn animation that started broadcasting in October 2021. Even on SNS, it is said that “I’m crying for each episode” and “I laughed so much that I got angry.”

“The Vampire Dies Immediately”

“The Vampire Dies” is an anime based on manga of the same name (written by Itaru Bonnoki / Akita Shoten). The original has exceeded the cumulative total of 1.5 million copies as of December 2021. The vampire Dorark (CV: Jun Fukuyama) who often dies, Ronald (CV: Makoto Furukawa), a vampire hunter, and the perverts (!?) Surrounding them are attractive and “I’m foolish.” “The voice actor is gorgeous like an idiot.”

Vampire extermination Ronald headed to Dorark Castle to help the missing child. The vampire Doraluk, who is feared to be the true ancestor and invincible, should have lived in Doraluk Castle, but when he opened the castle’s door, he was caught between the doors and died. Ronald was upset by Doralck, who revived immediately but turned into dust afterward but rescued the child safely, and the castle of Doraluk exploded. Dark, who has no place to live, rushes to Ronald’s office with his familiar John (CV: Mutsumi Tamura).

Dark, who should be invincible, dies once every 5 minutes. This work is excellent even with that setting alone. What’s more, the causes of death of Doralck are all the trivial things such as “I was caught in the door” and “I was told by my child that I was more ugly than I expected.” Characters with solid individuality will appear one after another, such as Hinaichi (CV: Natsumi Hioka), a police officer who is serious but missing somewhere, and strange animals (CV: Yasuhiro Takato) who may be vampires anymore. Despite the gorgeous casting, it’s worth seeing how I sometimes caught the off-color humor. Ronald, who dies soon, cute John, suddenly caught off-color humor, and the excellent tempo is perfect for a little late first laugh. It’s good to work that you don’t have to worry about, but I don’t recommend watching it on the train. The production of the second phase has already been decided. This work can be seen at “d Anime Store,” “Amazon Prime Video,” “U-NEXT,” etc.

“takt op.Destiny”

“Takt op. Destiny” is the original animation of the media mix project “takt op.” By Dena and BANDAI NAMCO Arts. The original is by DeNA and Oji Hiroi, who works on the “Sakura Wars” series and the “Far East of Eden” series. Not only beautiful and well-moving drawings, but also the opening theme and ending theme were highly evaluated.

One day, a black meteorite, “Kuroya meteorite,” suddenly fell from the sky. The monster “D2” born from that overrun the earth with people. Music is contraindicated because D2 was attracted to the tunes played by humans and will eventually be lost from the world. And 2047. Asahina Takuto (Asahina Takuto / CV: Koki Uchiyama) and Fate (Destiny / CV: Shion Wakayama) appear in the United States devastated by the battle with D2. The fate is “Music Cart,” which fights with music as its power. Tact is a “conductor” who directs and guides music carts. What does their journey bring to a world that has lost music?

MAPPA of “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “Attack on Titan The Final Season” and MADHOUSE of “The Irregular at Magic High School” and “A Place Further Than the Universe” were in charge of production. The drawing quality became a hot topic. The familiar classical music matches the powerful battle scene, and it is so beautiful that you will want to rewind it and see it. The cuteness of the fate that gradually shows interest in sweets and cats and the thoughts of each conductor that are revealed little by little are also the points of this work. Please listen to the opening theme “Tact,” in which famous singer Mafumafu joins the singing, and the ending theme “SYMPHONIA,” which Mika Nakashima sings melodiously. This work can be seen on “Amazon Prime Video,” “d Anime Store,” “Netflix,” etc.

“Ranking of Kings”

“Ranking of Kings” is an anime based on manga of the same name (written by Sousuke Toka / KADOKAWA). The original is serialized in the Web manga service “Manga Hack,” and the total circulation of comics has exceeded 1.5 million. The super-development and moving story are drawn with a gentle drawing like a picture book has gained a reputation as “crying” and “the most addictive anime.”

A world where there is a “king ranking” in which the kings of each country are ranked by integrating the richness of the country and the strength of the king himself. The main character, Bodge (CV: Minami Hinata), is the eldest son of King Boss (CV: Kenta Miyake), who is ranked 7th in the ranking of kings. However, Bodge is naturally deaf and can’t speak properly. He had a dream of becoming the best king in the world, but his vassals and people despised him as “not a king’s vessel.” One day, Bodge becomes his first friend with Kage (CV: Ayumu Murase), the survivor of the assassination group “Shadow Clan.”

This work was often called a “dark horse frame” due to the cute drawing and the content gap. Some viewers have cried many times by Bodge, who aims to be the king purely and earnestly, even though he is not wholly rewarded. The detailed depiction of each character’s beliefs, such as the elder brother Daida (CV .: Yuki Kaji), who is cold but has conflicts, and the queen Hilling (CV: Rina Sato), who is clumsy but deeply loves Bodge, also adds depth to work. I am giving. In addition, the broadcast of the second cool of this work has started on January 6, 2022. It is a work that you can not take your eyes off because of the betrayal that follows and the fate of Bodge, who remains weak even if you do your best. If you have seen the 1st course, please look at the already popular opening theme of the 2nd course, “Hadaka no Yusha.” This work can be seen on “Amazon Prime Video,” “U-NEXT,” “Bandai Channel,” etc.

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