2023 spring animation, 3 ‘darkness is deep’ ‘I’m looking forward to the darkness.’

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“One inch ahead is darkness”… Abyssal anime that makes you want to peek because it’s spring.

In recent years, the quality of new animations has steadily risen, and the new spring 2023 anime is also quite a bountiful harvest. In particular, the “darkness anime” that negates the glamor of spring is a pretty strong lineup. This article will introduce three 2023 “darkness” spring anime whose original works have already gained popularity. Even on SNS, it is popular with “that horror manga animated” and “unique light and darkness…”.

Goro (CV: Kento Ito) is an obstetrician and gynecologist in a specific provincial city. Goro is a big fan of Ai (CV: Rie Takahashi), who belongs to the idol group “B Komachi.” However, Ai suspended her activities as an idol due to poor health. Goro, who saw the news on the internet news, was worried about Ai. One day, a certain girl appears when Goro examines him as usual.

The girl who took her hat was Goro’s favorite, Ai herself. She is Goro, who can’t help but think, “Real Ai is so cute,” but he realizes, “In other words, Ai is pregnant. “[Oshi no Ko]” is an anime based on manga of the same name (written by Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari/Shueisha).

The original won 1st place in the “Next Coming Manga Award 2021” comics category. It is a unique work that depicts the back side of the muddy entertainment world.

This work was born from the teaming up of Akasaka-sensei of “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you? Geniuses’ love brain battle?” and Yokoyari-sensei of “Kuzu no Honkai.” Viewers will be drawn to the innovative introduction of her favorite idol being pregnant and coming to see her maternity hospital in secret. Ai’s lines, such as “Lies are a weapon in this entertainment world” and “Lies are the best love, aren’t they?” already have a “dark anime feel.” What kind of lie is Ai telling? Also, will the pregnancy partner be revealed? The OP theme is “YOASOBI,” and the ED theme is “Queen Bee.”

Furthermore, the first episode of this work is an expanded version of 90 minutes, and it will be screened in advance as a movie “[Oshi no Ko] Mother and Children” before broadcasting. With this level of effort and the quality of the drawing, it is a work that raises expectations.

TOKYO Broadcast has decided this work on MX, tvk, AT-X, and others. “ABEMA” is scheduled for simultaneous terrestrial and single fastest delivery from April 12th. “d Anime Store,” “Amazon Prime Video,” “Netflix,” and other distribution sites will be distributed sequentially from April 13th.

“My Home Hero” (Broadcast from April 2nd)

“For 47 years, I have lived without violating the criminal law. Tetsuo Tosu (CV: Junichi Suwabe) is a 47-year-old ordinary salesman. He loved his wife Kasen Tosu (CV: Sayaka Ohara) and his daughter Reika Tosu (CV: Chihiro Shirata) and lived there daily. However, when Tetsuo visits Reika, who should have started living alone, he finds a bruise on Reika’s face.

She is worried about Reika not telling her why. Tetsuo quietly asks how she is doing and sneaks into Reika’s closet. The person who entered there was the criminal who raised his hand to Reika, her boyfriend Nobuto Asatori (Matori Nobuto / CV: Keita Tada). “My Home Hero” is an anime based on manga of the same name (written by Naoki Yamakawa and illustrated by Masashi Asagi/Kodansha).

This work is a crime suspense story in which the Tosu, an ordinary family, gets involved in crime by being involved with the half-gray Nobuto. Contrary to the title, the PV reveals a shocking development. Nobuto, a “half-gray boyfriend,” has a violent habit and beat two ex-girlfriends to death in the past. And the reason he approached Reika was actually for the Tosu family’s legacy. However, Reika doesn’t know about it and doesn’t talk to Tetsuo or Kasen even if she gets domestic violence from Nobuto.

On the other hand, Tetsuo and Kasen love their only daughter, Reika, to the point of being overprotective. As a result of her love going too far, Tetsuo beats Nobuto to death with a rice cooker. Tetsuo impulsively committed murder, even though it was to protect his daughter. An ordinary uncle engages in a life-threatening battle against men from a half-gray organization.

In the PV, Kasen’s mouth is covered with saran wrap, and someone who looks like Tetsuo is tied up and forced to stand in a high place. Will they protect Reika from the half-gray organization and survive safely? This work has been decided to be broadcast on TOKYOMX, BS NTV, AT-X, and others. “d Anime Store,” “U-NEXT,” “DMM,” etc., from April 2nd, Scheduled for advance delivery. In addition, distribution sites such as “Amazon Prime Video,” “ABEMA,” and “Bandai Channel” will be distributed sequentially from April 7th.

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