TV anime “My Dress-Up Darling is in Love” produced by CloverWorks, showing key visuals depicting heroines

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It is an anniversary established by the Pet Food Association, which is derived from the pun of “One One (11) One (1)”.

Dogs, which have been loved as good human partners for many years, are also familiar as characters in anime and games. There are various ways of drawing, such as traveling together as a reliable companion, healing tired people as a mascot character, and speaking human language.

Anime there! Anime! Then, we conducted a reader survey entitled “What is a” dog “character?” Continuing from last year. We received responses from 147 people during the survey period from October 20th to October 27th.

The male-female ratio is about 25% for males and about 75% for females, mainly females. About 50% of the age group was 19 years old or younger, and about 30% were in their 20s.

“Gintama” Sadaharu tops the list for the second consecutive year!

the fixed spring of “Gintama.” The approval rating was about 25%, which was the same as last year.

“I’m an important member of the family of all things shop. I always have the image of biting Gin-san, but even when everyone forgot about Gin-san, I was impressed by remembering only Sadaharu.” The mascot character of the shop. It’s nice that he plays a vital role in the final chapter, and he says, “I want to hug you like Kagura because it’s good at once.” It is gaining popularity.

Inuyasha from “Inuyasha”. The approval rating is about 9%, which is also the same as last year.

“A half-youkai with a dog youkai father. Not only does he look like a dog, but he also has a cool feeling of being strong and friendly, and I love the way he grows up together.” The dog-like gestures that occasionally show “the scene of digging into the ground is interesting” are popular. From October, the second chapter of the new story “Hanyou no Yashahime,” which inherits the world view of “Inuyasha,” will start broadcasting. Some readers said that they learned about Inuyasha in this work.

Shiro from “Crayon Shin-chan” and Shigure Sohma from “Fruit Basket” voted the same. The approval rating was about 4 percent.

Shiro says, “The most common sense of the Nohara family,” dogs. “When they are rounded, they are too cute and moco-moco like real cotton candy.” While being swayed, it’s good to be somehow good friends. “

Shigure Sohma had a unique setting that “a dog (dog) is Mr. Shigure! It transforms into a dog by a curse. The difference was also a shock. “

“Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga,” Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga said, “The story of a famous Sengoku daimyo reincarnated as a dog and reunited in modern Japan is novel. It was imposing. “

“Kuroko’s Basketball,” Tetsuya No. 2 says, “It’s like the mascot of Seirin High School! It’s cute that the eyes look just like Kuroko.”

“Go for it! “Anpanman” cheese says, “It’s amazing to be able to drive the Anpanman even though it’s a dog, and to help make bread. Amazingly, Koichi Yamadera has been playing for over 30 years.”

“When I was reincarnated, it was a slime.” Ranga said, “It’s not a dog, but a Garo tribe, but the figure waving its tail in front of Limuru is completely a dog.” There was also a vote for the title that was decided to produce the movie version as “Cute.”

A variety of dog characters are ranked in the 2021 edition. Natural dog characters stand out, but some were also voted for being obedient or friendly like dogs.

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