‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ 5th season production decision, broadcasting starts in July PV released.

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It was announced that the fifth season of the TV anime “Bungo Stray Dogs” (Bungou Strike) would be produced and broadcast in July 2023. At the same time, the key visual and the first PV have been released.

As well as the key visual for the 5th season, drawn by Nobuhiro Arai, the character designer and chief animation director, has also been released. Yukichi Fukuzawa, the president of the Armed Detective Agency, and Ochi Fukuchi, the captain of the Hound Unit, face each other with desperate looks. Ranpo Edogawa stands with his back to him. is depicted.

In the first PV, you can see Atsushi Nakajima and others struggling to open a way out as the detective staff is caught one after another. Kamui, the leader of Tenjin Goshu, is closing in on the Armed Detective Agency.

“Bungo Stray Dogs” is a supernatural battle action work in which characters such as Atsushi Nakajima, Osamu Dazai, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, and other real-life great writers are active. Kafka Asagiri and 35 Harukawa started serializing the manga in Young Ace in 2012, and the number of related books has exceeded 12 million copies (as of December 2022).

In 2016, the TV anime was broadcast for two courses, and in March 2018, the movie “Bungo Stray Dogs DEAD APPLE” was screened in more than 170 theaters nationwide. The third season of the TV anime will be broadcast in April 2019, and the spin-off “Bungo Stray Dogs Wan!” will be published in January 2021. The long-awaited 4th season of TV animation will be broadcast in January 2023, and the 5th season will be posted in July 2023.

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