2B and 9S from the anime version of ‘NieR: Automata’ appear in the ‘ARTFX J’ series of figures

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Kotobukiya has released the prototypes of the figures ” “ARTFX J 2B” and ”ARTFX J 9S.” It will be displayed at the “Kotobukiya Collection 2024″ exhibition in Akihabara from February 2nd. In the TV anime ” NieR: Automata Ver1.1a”, the main characters 2B and 9S have been made into three-dimensional figures from the company’s figure series “ARTFX J.”

The prototypes were unveiled at the venue, expressing the fighting atmosphere amidst the rubble. The undulating shape and dynamic pose of ARTFX J 2B’s costume and the pod that supports 2B are also reproduced. “ARTFX J 9S” is in a hacking pose with its hands held up, and the patterns and wrinkles on its costume are detailed.

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