‘Sazae-san’ Ranking of past voice actors who played the role of Mari in the Isono family! Who came in first place, beating the first-generation ‘Namihei’ Ichiro Nagai?

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“Sazae-san” Ranking of past voice actors who played the role of Mari Isono family characters! The All About news editorial department conducted an original questionnaire survey regarding the national TV anime “Sazae-san.” Which one are you most interested in? (Thumbnail image source: (c) Machiko Hasegawa Museum)

All About News Editorial Department conducted an original survey regarding the national anime “Sazae-san” (Fuji TV), targeting 316 people in their teens to 70s nationwide (Survey period: January 10-23, 2024) Day). This time, based on the results, we will be announcing a ranking of the past voice actors who played the role of Mari Isonoya in “Sazae-san.”

2nd place: Ichiro Nagai/Haira Isono (first generation)
Second place went to Ichiro Nagai, who played the first-generation Namihei Isono, the breadwinner of the Isono family for 45 years since the anime began airing. He embodies the image of a dignified and compassionate father from the Showa era, with clich├ęd expressions like “You idiot!” when he scolds bonito, and his murmurings of “I’m sorry, mother” to his wife, Fune. I did.

Respondents said, “I loved his performance, which had the image of a stubborn father from the Showa era, but was also playful and warm (Female in her 50s, Kochi Prefecture)” and “His yelling voice was impressive and familiar, and I thought this was Namihei.” (Male in his 20s, Shiga Prefecture)” “I feel the power of fear and kindness in his anger (Male in his 60s, Aichi Prefecture)” “Mr. Nagai’s easy-to-listen and stable voice is We received comments such as, “It matched the personality of Namihei, the breadwinner of the family.” (Female in her 20s, Tokyo)

1st place: Midori Kato/Sazae Fuguda
First place went to Midori Kato, who plays the main character, Sazae Fuguta. For more than 50 years since the broadcast began in October 1969, she has continued to play the energetic Sazae-san, who has brightened up Japanese tearooms. In 2019, she was awarded the Guinness Book of World Records as the voice actor who has played the character of the same anime for the longest time. It is recognized as a world record.

Respondents said, “A unique, unforgettable, and uplifting voice (Female in her 40s, Saitama Prefecture),” and, “I think Midori Kato herself is a bright and humorous person, just like Sazae. Midori Kato. I can’t think of anything else. (Female in her 40s/Miyagi Prefecture)” “When you think of Sazae-san, this is the voice. My mother and my grandmother all grew up with the same voice. (Female in her 20s/Gifu Prefecture)” “Sazae-san” (Female in her 50s/Tokyo) I like her energetic feel, which is perfect for her character.”

Answer’s comments are original.

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