‘Edens Zero’ retrospective unique program broadcast decision! Check the synopsis of Episode 14 !!

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The synopsis of the 14th episode of the TV anime “EDENS ZERO,” which has been on air since April 10, 2021, has arrived. In addition, Kanon Takao has been decided as an additional cast, and it was announced that Sayuri, an oxygen-deficient girl, will be in charge of the new ED.

The original “EDENS ZERO” is the SF (space) of the same name by Hiro Mashima, who has masterpieces such as “RAVE” and “FAIRY TAIL.” Fantasy) cartoon. It has been serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” (Kodansha) since 2018, and the latest 15 volumes of comics are on sale. The advertising story is that Shiki, a boy who lives with machines in the dreamland of Granbell, meets Rebecca, a girl who is a video distributor (B. Cuba) will be a visitor for the first time in 100 years, and Happy, a blue cat. Start moving with. Shiki and his friends immediately hit it off and became “friends.”

This little encounter will change their “fate.” Put your dreams in a world you haven’t seen yet, and the endless adventure of boys, girls, and blue cats begin! Episode 14 will start broadcasting nationwide from 24:55 on Saturday, July 10. Click here for the synopsis! Shiki and his friends finally found Hermit on the virtual planet Digitalis. However, Hermit stubbornly refuses to return to Edens Zero with Shiki and his friends. Shiki and his friends are confused by Hermit, who coldly says, “I hate humans.” What happened to Hermit? Around the same time, a horde of monsters manipulated by player Jamirov, who had repeatedly been assaulting in Digitalis, attacked the town of Crysta. [Staff] Screenplay: Megumi Sasano / Storyboard: Kiyotaka Ohata / Director: Kiyotaka Ohata / Animation Director: Yurika Sako, Junya Kikuchi / Animation Director: Sayuri Ehara, Mami Kotoku, Yuki Kitajima, Shinya Kono, Yosuke Obuchi, Yukie Cold Water Also, “EDENS ZERO” at “Hulu Masterpiece Theater” ] Looking back, the unique program will be broadcast! From 25:35 on Saturday, July 10, 2021, we will look back on the charm of “EDENS ZERO” that is still in time! After the broadcast of episode 14, “The Girl on the Hill,” episodes 1 to 14 will be reviewed and broadcast at once. Whether you missed it or not, why not take this opportunity to retake it? (C) Hiro Mashima / Kodansha / NTV

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