30th anniversary of TV animation ‘Nangoku Shonen Papuwa-kun’ BD box released in March Includes sequel ‘PAPUWA.’

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To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the animation of “Nangoku Shonen Papuwa-kun,” a Blu-ray box containing all related anime series will be released on March 30th. The price is 38,500 yen, including tax.

This work is based on a gag manga by Ami Shibata. Shintaro (CV: Hikaru Midorikawa), a member of the Gamma group who stole a secret stone and escaped, met a mysterious boy Papwa (Mayumi Tanaka) and a dog Chappy (Hiroshi Masuoka) who lived on Papwa Island, and became a jungle as a subordinate. Will live in. Meanwhile, thugs from the Gamma group aiming for Shintaro also appear.

In the Blu-ray box, 42 episodes of the TV anime “Nangoku Shonen Papuwa-kun” broadcast from 1992 to 1993, 1 episode of OVA, and 26 episodes of the animated sequel to the original manga “PAPUWA” (broadcast from 2003 to 2004). Is recorded. Animated pilot video is included as a video privilege, and a reprinted sound source of the Animate Cassette Collection is also included as an audio privilege.

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