Muk ‘Zion’ July pre-delivery & September CD release, ending theme for anime ‘NIGHT HEAD 2041.’

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Myuk’s song “Zion” will be released on July 22nd. The song is the ending theme for the TV anime ” NIGHT HEAD 2041,” currently being broadcast on Fuji TV’s “+ Ultra” frame. Pre-orders have started on the iTunes Store.

CD singles will be released in 3 forms on September 1st. In addition to “Zion” on the first limited edition and regular edition CDs, the ending theme “Overflow” of “Gout Temps Nouveau 2”, the new song “Set me free,” and the ending article “Magic” of the TV Nime “The Promised Neverland ” Season 2 Includes an acoustic version of the piano and strings.

The DVD that comes with the first limited edition will contain singing footage of Ayaka’s “Minna Sora no Shita” and Yutaka Ozaki’s “forget-me-not” as a live studio project covering the songs that became Myuk’s roots.

The limited-edition edition is a digipak specification that uses newly drawn illustrations and includes non-credit ending movies. ” NIGHT HEAD 2041″ is a TV drama “NIGHT HEAD” broadcast on Fuji TV in the 1990s by George Iida. Revived as the original TV anime “NIGHT HEAD 2041” written by. Release information Single “Zion” 2021/9/1 RELEASE CD + DVD AICL-4105 / 6 2,400 yen (tax out) CD AICL-4107 1,500 yen (tax out) 01. Zion 02. Overflowing 03. Set me free 04. Magic (Acoustic version) [Myuk First Studio Cover Live] 01. Everyone under the sky 02. Forget-me-not 01. Zion 02. Magic (Acoustic version) 03. Zion (Remix) 04. Zion (Anime Size) ・ TV Anime “NIGHT HEAD 2041” non-credit ending movie

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