A setting that is often found in the manga hero’s ‘rival character.’ A solid but indispensable element?

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The initial ability is higher than the main character, and is it handsome?

In shōnen manga and anime, the main character “rivals” are critical players intensely involved in the story. Of course, the appearance, personality, ability, etc., will differ depending on the work, but it seems that some so-called “solid elements” can also be seen. “Settings that are common to rival characters” have become a hot topic on the Internet.

The most common manga rival character was “Basically, the initial ability of rivals is higher than that of the main character. “It’s cool and has a strong impression of good-looking guys.” For example, “NARUTO- Naruto -” hero Uzumaki Naruto of is is a set of “Left Behind students of ninja school,” is one of the rival existence appeared as “character with combined sense and Naru such rare talent” Sasuke. In addition, Kaede Rukawa, who appears in the masterpiece basketball manga “SLAM DUNK,” also appeared as a genius player from the beginning. His ability is different from that of the main character, Sakuragi Hanamichi, who has amazing physical ability. In addition, both Sasuke and Ryukawa have cool personalities and are handsome, so even works of completely different genres are considered to be common to rival characters. In addition, regarding the relationship between the main character and rivals, comments such as “sometimes fighting together” continued.

At the end of the “SLAM DUNK” story, in a fierce battle with the champion Sanno, Rukawa and Sakuragi show an impressive cooperative play. In “NARUTO,” Naruto and Sasuke fight together to defeat the strong enemy Kaguya Otsutsugi. Doing. The masterpiece “Dragon Ball” is the main character, Goku. In some cases, rival character Vegeta fuses and fights against the enemy. Even if it is a “solid element,” it seems that many readers are excited about the development in which the main character and rivals, who are usually in conflict, cooperate.

The settings that are common to popular rival characters help direct the main character’s growth in an easy-to-understand manner, entertain the reader in story development, and enhance the charm of the essence, which seems to be an essential factor. Is.

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