A new anime & culture magazine with ‘East Live’ on the cover is a hot topic Full of content, such as articles on soccer anime that excites the World Cup.

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Tokyo News Service, which publishes “TV Guide PERSON” and “TV Guide VOICE STARS,” will post a new anime & culture magazine, “TV Guide A Stars.” The special first issue will be released today, November 28th (Monday). The feature of this magazine is that not only the opening and closing features but also the works and celebrities introduced in the middle are deeper and more voluminous.

Illustration of the cover and back cover of East Live “SK∞ SK8”, luxury purchaser benefits The cover is “Tokyo Revengers,” which will refrain from broadcasting “Holy Night Battle” from January 2023. Takemichi Hanagaki, who became the captain of Tokyo’s largest motorcycle gang, the Tokyo Revengers 1st Division, and Chifuyu Matsuno, the vice-captain appointed him as the captain, are drawn dashing through the streets of Shibuya in the evening sun. It was taken down.

The voice actors who play the main characters appear in the opening feature. The role of Takemichi, Yuki Shin and Chifuyu, Sho Kano, and the part of Manjiro Sano (Mikey), Isamu Hayashi, is photographed in a kamikaze outfit. In the interview, he looks back on the “8.3 Conflict Arc” and “Blood Halloween Arc” and talks about the future highlights of the character he plays. In addition, producer Kousuke Yokota and sound director Riki Iida told us about the charm of Takemichi and Chifuyu’s “partners” and what kind of people Daiju Shiba and Yuzuha Shiba are.

It is a unique feature that raises expectations. On the back cover, “SK∞ SK Eight,” which has been decided to produce the second season of TV animation and OVA, will appear. Koyomi and Ranga’s happy expressions are impressive as if they enjoy the joy of skating together.

In the unique feature at the end of the book, the event “∞WEEK Special Event,” the first season, and the expectations and enthusiasm for the sequel, an exclusive interview with Director Hiroko Utsumi, Tasuku Hatanaka, who plays Koyomi, and Chiaki Kobayashi who plays Ranga.

The staff of this magazine accompanied the event, and Hatanaka seems to have realized a special shoot in Okinawa. Kobayashi is also dressed in a blue costume, which is Ranga’s image color, and shoots.

A refreshing gravure has been completed, reminiscent of the role that both of them play. Also included is a map of sacred places in Okinawa that appear in work. If you plan to visit Okinawa during the year-end and New Year holidays or early spring, it might be a good idea to prepare for your trip with this magazine. In addition, a unique contribution illustration has arrived from general animation director Michinori Chiba.

The pictures of the two, who seem at odds with each other at work but also give a sense of closeness, are worth picking up and savoring. The illustration on the back cover is also a campaign that grants the right to get a big-size acrylic stand exclusively for Seven Net Shopping purchasers. And for those who purchase at Animate, a live photo of “Tokyo Revengers” Yuki Shin x Sho Kano is also a privilege.

Since the FIFA World Cup 2022 is being held, pay attention to the soccer animation. Close to the charm of Ashito Aoi of “Aoashi” and Kiyoichi and Houraku Meguri of “Blue Rock.” In addition, Kageyama Yuka of Hinatazaka46, who is known as a soccer connoisseur, will form a dream team with characters from “Aoashi” and “Blue Rock.” Check out who was selected for what position and why they were chosen.

The article on the slapstick share house comedy anime “Manseigai” spotlighted the vampire Isla and the werewolf Dharmao. Jun Fukuyama, who plays Aira, and Tomoaki Maeno, who plays Dharmao, share their impressions of both characters and their roles.

The unique feature of the game “Joining Boys,” which makes SNS hot every time new information is lifted, will be the first round-table discussion of the main characters, Gensaku & Saneito & Tantan Rikka. Interviews that give a strong sense of their personalities are a must-read for future “mediators” looking forward to work. And there is also a lengthy interview with popular VTuber Kanato Fugaku, who belongs to Nijisanji.

Revealing the relationship with the group “VOLTACTION” members to which he belongs and looking back on the memorable first delivery, he monologues “currently” over six pages. But first, check out “TV Guide A Stars vol.01”, which has such a rich lineup.

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