The smartphone game “Arknights” will be made into a TV animation! Amiya’s voice flowing PV release

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The TV anime series of the tower defense game “Arknights” for smartphones has been decided. At the same time, “Announcement PV” was released.

The stage of “Arknights” is a world where civilization has made great strides by utilizing the energy of the unidentified mineral “Originium.” At the same time, the existence of called “infected person” has begun to be born.

The player becomes the “doctor” of Rhodes Island, a medical institution created to solve all the problems caused by infected people, trains “operators,” and directs the battle. In the PV, a dark image mixed with noise and the sound of the operator’s girl, Amiya, and the doctor interacting with each other was played.

Mostar Pictures is in charge of animation production. It is reported that “Season 01” Dawn Prelude “is being produced earnestly.

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