A new episode will commemorate the 10th anniversary of ‘Shirokuma Cafe’! All ten episodes were newly recorded by Takahiro Sakurai, Jun Fukuyama, and Hiroshi Kamiya

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A long-awaited new work has appeared in the anime “Shirokuma Cafe,” which is celebrating its 10th anniversary since the TV series was broadcast. Takahiro Sakurai, Jun Fukuyama, and Hiroshi Kamiya recorded voices, TV anime series composition, and ten short episodes written by Toru Hosokawa will be distributed on the YouTube channel “Anime Times” from 18:00 on October 26th.

“Shirokuma Cafe” is an anime broadcast on Tokyo TV and others for a year from April 2012, based on the manga of the same name. In addition, Higa Aloha is serializing the sequel “Shirokuma Cafe today’s special” on “Cocohana.” Set in a cafe run by Shirokuma-Kun, the slow life of adorable animal characters such as regular customers Panda-Kun and Penguin-san is depicted.

It is a new sensory animal anime that has attracted attention for its appearance by famous voice actors such as Takahiro Sakurai as Polar Bear, Jun Fukuyama as Panda, and Hiroshi Kamiya as Penguin. In 2022, the 10th year since the start of broadcasting, there will be a lot of 10th anniversary events such as live distribution by the main cast, screening of all episodes at once, the release of all episodes Blu-ray BOX, sale of original goods, etc. Collecting.

The new short episode that has started distribution this time was produced to commemorate the 10th anniversary of such a work. In an original scenario written by Toru Hosokawa, who worked on the composition of the TV anime series, familiar voice actors such as Takahiro Sakurai as Shirokuma-Kun, Jun Fukuyama as Panda-Kun, and Hiroshi Kamiya as Penguin-san will add new character voices. I recorded it.

The video is a live-action film using the papercraft that was popular when the TV anime was broadcast. The adorable Polar Bear, Panda, and Penguin are having their usual warm and pleasant conversations in various places such as cafes and saunas. Along with the distribution of this new short episode, a selection of the central part of the TV anime “Shirokuma Cafe” will also be distributed under “Shiroku Matsuri.” All 12 episodes are Avex Pictures, TV Tokyo, and Pierrot’s official Youtube channel will be allocated for one week only at 18:00 every Wednesday from October 26th.

The top 12 episodes voted for in the 10th-anniversary live-streaming event held in March will be distributed. In addition, the first episode will be broadcast for free on the official YouTube channel of “Anime Times” until December 31st. So enjoy the famous episodes of the TV series along with the new short episodes.

A new short episode of “Shirokuma Cafe” will be distributed for free on the official YouTube channel of “Anime Times” every Wednesday at 18:00 from October 26th. Of the ten episodes, episodes 1 to 5 will be exclusively distributed on the YouTube channel “Anime Times,” and episodes 6 to 10 will be broadcast solely on the Amazon Prime Video channel “Anime Times.”

“Shirokuma Cafe” Original Short Episode [Distribution Schedule] “Anime Times” Official YouTube Channel> October 26th (Wednesday) #1 Cafe November 2nd (Wednesday) #2 Cafe November 9th (Wednesday) #3 Cafe November 16th (Wednesday) #4 Intersection November 23rd (Wednesday) #5 Sauna November 30th (Wednesday) #6 Karaoke December 7th (Wednesday) #7 Online drinking Meeting December 14th (Wednesday) #8 Jogging December 21st (Wednesday) #9 Ramen shop December 28th (Wednesday) #10 Nagareboshi [TV anime “Shirokuma Cafe” 10th Anniversary Blu-ray BOX] Price 35,

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