Resuming serialization with the cooperation of the author’s dead ‘Berserk’ From now on

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The popular manga “Berserk” has been serialized again from the 13th issue of the serialized magazine “Young Animal” (Hakusensha), released on the 24th. The original author, Kentaro Miura, died of acute aortic dissection in May last year at 54, and the latest story in September 2021 was not published at the end, but Kouji Mori, a cartoonist with whom he had a friendship. Supervised by Mr. Miura, the studio to which the staff who studied under Mr. Miura belongs is serialized from episode 365 in the form of drawing a manga. From now on, a total of 6 episodes will be posted up to the last of “Phantom World Edition / Fairy Island Chapter,” In the same issue for the first time, it will be posted in two at once.

“Berserk” is a dark fantasy work serialized in 1989 by manga artist Miura, who died in May last year, and has exceeded 50 million copies of comics worldwide. The main character, Guts, is depicted in a spectacular way of life in a world where swords, magic, and demons exist. It was made into a TV animation again in the year.

The reason for the resumption of the serialization was that the Young Animal editorial department said, “Kentaro Miura was telling the story and episode of” Berserk “to his best friend, cartoonist Kouji Mori,” and Mr. Miura drew the concept. Since a memo and a character design were found, it is reported that it will be serialized under the supervision of Mr. Mori, who has a close relationship with him.

“I want you to read the last episode we brought in, up to the last frame. The production team decided the basic stance when resuming,” he said, “until the last of” Phantom World Edition / Fairy Island Chapter. “First, we will post six episodes. After that, we are planning to enter a new volume. The credit after resumption will be “Original, Kentaro Miura Manga, Studio Iga Supervision, Kouji Mori,” and the book’s numbering will also be I will take over. “

Also, it has been decided that the theatrical animation “Berserk: The Golden Age” trilogy will be broadcast on TV as “Berserk: The Golden Age.” It will be the first terrestrial broadcast published later this year. The trilogy titles are “Berserk Golden Age Hen I Overlord’s Egg,” released on February 4, 2012, and “Berserk Golden Age Hen II Doldley Strategy,” released on June 23, 2013 released on February 1, 2013. “Berserk: The Golden Age III Advent”.

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