A romantic comedy, ‘Murai no Koi,’ for high school boys and otaku teachers, will be animated.

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It has been decided to animate the romantic comedy manga ” Murai no Koi ” by Junta Shima.

This work was serialized on the limited label “Gene LINE” of “LINE Manga” and is a famous work whose final seven volumes have been released recently. Murai, a high school boy, dismissed from confessing to Tanaka, a teacher of otome game otaku, goes to school the next day with a new hairstyle. Since the appearance was similar to Tanaka’s “push character,” Tanaka was swayed by Murai’s words and actions.

It was made into a drama in the midnight frame of TBS from April to May this year, and Hikaru Takahashi played the role of Tanaka, Ryobi Miyase played the role of Murai, and Yuki Kaji was in charge of the voices of Tanaka’s recommended character, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

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