The government aims to prevent cybercrime with the popular anime ‘Macross’ Enlightenment Month

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“Cyber ​​Security Month,” which raises awareness of crime prevention against cybercrimes such as unauthorized access, began on the 1st. The government has appointed popular anime as a cyber security measure in recent years. This year, the tie-up poster with the science fiction anime “Macross Series,” which has been 40 years since the first TV broadcast, is likely to be a hot topic.

Cyber ​​Security Month has been held by the government from February 1st to March 18th (Cyber ​​Day) every year since 2010. The “Cabinet Cyber ​​Security Center” (NISC), responsible for the control tower function for cyberattacks targeting the public and private sectors, will play a central role in holding intensive educational events such as seminars and online councils in cooperation with private companies and NPOs.

In recent years, large companies and private hospitals have been attacked by cyber attacks, and Internet banking has been illegally accessed. Cybercrimes are occurring in places close to citizens, and there is an increasing need to call attention to citizens widely.

Therefore, in 2016, the government started collaborating with anime to raise the interest of a wide range of people, including young people.

Until now, tie-ups with famous works such as “Sword Art Online Series,” “Ghost in the Shell,” and “Love Live!”. According to NISC, there were cases where fans participated in the event with posters of famous characters and became interested in cybercrime prevention.

This year’s “Macross series” produced a total of 3 types of posters with characters, robots, etc. I added the catchphrase “Deliver to the galaxy (Internet) and our song (cyber security).” Characters, mechanics, songs, etc., are attractive, and the story of various races and ages working together to confront the threat fits the concept.

The tie-up with popular anime is also aimed at human resource development. The Kishida administration has set up a “digital garden city-state concept,” and securing IT human resources is essential. Especially in the cyber security department, it has been pointed out that there is a shortage of human resources. A person in charge of NISC says, “I want to use animation as an opportunity to develop human resources with high information literacy.”

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