CG WORLD vol.295 (March 2023 issue), ‘Anime CG site SPECIAL’ special issue is announced in advance!

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Hello, this is the CG WORLD editorial department. Today we will introduce the unique features of CG WORLD vol.295 (on sale February 10, 2023)!

The latest issue features examples of the use of 3DCG in anime works that are expanding and evolving year by year, starting with the making of the notable works of the winter 2023 anime represented by “Chainsaw Man” on the cover, the secret technical tips of each company that significantly contributes to animation production, the small-group production flow realized by the evolution of tools, etc. introducing the present of CG from various angles.

Pre-orders are available at CG WORLD SHOP and Amazon.

In addition, CGWORLD’s “cheap” subscription plan, “Remote work creator support plan,” is continuing due to its popularity. If you apply by January 31, 2023 (Tuesday), we will deliver from vol.295. Please join us for this opportunity!

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