‘A story that makes Uma Musume 1.8 times more fun 29’ An active horse, Dearing Tact, makes an appearance!!

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It is hot. Horses also suffer from heat stroke and summer heat stroke. Let’s be careful with each other. This is Kakinagase.

By the way, have you seen the second part of the final chapter of the first part of the main story and “Paka Live TV” on July 27th?

In the final chapter (also an illustration of the reward support SSR), an unknown horse girl watching Special Week running-who is she? Her left ear, representing a mare, has a three-star hair ornament that suggests a triple crown horse. A white and light blue ribbon on both sides of her hair looks like a racing uniform.

The name of one animal went up immediately on SNS. However, at that time, the horse had to be said to be too unrealistic. Still, I can’t think of anything other than that horse when considering the design. It was a horse that seemed like that. It was a little far from my father’s mother’s father, but it was also a horse that inherited the blood of Special Week, reinforcing the grounds that the horse is this horse’s daughter.

The name was revealed on Paka Live TV.

Daring Tact. Born in 2017. The first undefeated Triple Crown horse in 2020. And. As of July 2022, it is still an active racehorse. Everyone who learned about horse racing from Uma Musume can understand the impact even more.

As I said earlier, the Daring Tact is the first horse in the history of Japanese horse racing that has achieved the outstanding achievement of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horses undefeated. 2020 centered on the undefeated Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horses of the same year after completing the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horses and the Almond Eye, which was said to be the most vital active horse at that time as the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horses two years ago. The Japan Cup was a legendary race. However, he developed tethered ligaments in the spring of 4 years old.

Tethered ligaments are a severe injury for racehorses. Some horses are light and return early, but many have been forced to retire. Symbolic Rudolf, Admire Vega, and Mejiro McQueen’s injuries depicted in the anime’s second season were also forced to retire due to this tether inflammation.

However, Daring Tact returned in May of this year while taking a break for a year and a month, and at the Takarazuka Kinen the other day, which is new to my memory, I made a good fight with 3rd place. We can expect autumn, and if there are no problems, it is said that we will be active next year.

In other words, it should be said that the story of the training scenario is still in the process of being produced. How is Daring Tact per senior level drawn? First and foremost, I want you to continue running until the end of your active career.

Well, there is nothing we can do about the actual race selection and the training scenario production that accompanies it.

Then, what we can do is support. Daring Tact will run in the race as long as it is active. At that time, anyone over 20 could buy a betting ticket. I don’t know if the betting ticket will win, but the concept of “supporting betting ticket” is one step away from gambling in horse racing.

If you mark the “single + multiple” category on the mark sheet you write when purchasing a betting ticket at a racetrack or winds, you can buy a ticket with “Do your best!”. Betting tickets can be purchased from 100 yen so that you can buy from 200 yen for a win + double win. A friend of mine who learned horse racing from “Uma Musume” said, “You can buy recommended goods for 200 yen. Moreover, it is not sold out!” had.

The author also has several winning betting tickets for horses that had become “Uma Musume” (when there was no support betting ticket yet), but I hope you will know how to enjoy such a way as one way to enjoy it.

Also, the “Turphy Shop” that sells JRA horse racing goods sells goods such as Daring Tact stuffed animals, so if you like them, why not buy them? There is also a mail order.

After the “Paka Live TV” broadcast on the 27th, the stuffed animals were still in stock, but as of the 28th, the supply was already being adjusted … Let’s wait for the restock. (Except for Daring Tact, Kitasan Black, Satono Diamond, and Gold Ship are still available.)

Furthermore, the owner of Daring Tact is Normandy Sarabread Racing. It is a so-called bite horse owner club. What is a bite horse owner, a club horse? I will omit the explanation but investing in the horse of the same club as Daring Tact may be interesting.

In this way, with the appearance of active horses, the author may think that there is also the aim of further linking the horse daughter and the actual horse racing and making them strongly linked.

From here on, it’s entirely my delusion … With the start of “Uma Musume,” horse racing enthusiasts like myself have enjoyed the mysterious experience of becoming a horse girl.

Approximately one and a half years have passed since the app service started, but wouldn’t you like the production team to have people who started horse racing from “Uma Musume” experience the same experience as we used to? ‥ …… I think about it.

Racehorses who became horse girls are often solidified by generation.

Since Daring Tact came, not only her, the Triple Crown stallion of the same year, and the most muscular mare Almond Eye who first soiled these two triple crown horses ……. In other words, I think many horse racing enthusiasts want to reproduce the legendary 2020 Japan Cup. Maybe the “Uma Musume” production team should have such a feeling …? It’s a complete delusion, but isn’t it a fun delusion?

So, in response to the shocking news that the active horse Daring Tact will become a horse girl, I wrote what I thought was painful.

There was other big news, such as the addition of a local horse race track and the appearance of Hokko Tarumae and Wonder Acute, but this time we focused on Daring Tact.

I want to present this kind of “how to enjoy” again next time, so if you have time, I would appreciate it if you could read it!

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