‘Aggressive Retsuko’ final season to be aired on Netflix in February 2011 Miyuhan as Shikabane, the key to the story

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The final season (season 5) of the Netflix anime “Aggressive Retsuko” will be delivered in February 2023. Ten episodes (15 minutes each).

This anime series of popular Sanrio characters depicts Retsuko, a lesser panda who works as an office worker, venting her frustration and frustration with her boss and colleagues by singing her death metal. Rareko of “Soft Tank” will serve as director and screenplay, and Fanworks will be in charge of animation production.

Haida, a hyena who quit her company in season 4, was kicked out of her family’s apartment and experienced her internet cafe life. There she meets Shikabane, who seems to have given up on everything. On the other hand, Retsuko learns about the situation of Haida, who was in the same class as her, and decided to start living with her, but a suspicious man who claims to be a Diet member comes to scout Retsuko.

Singer-songwriter Miyuhan will play the role of Shikabane, an essential character in the final season.

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