Held stage greetings for the latest anime “ARIA” in Tokyo & Hokkaido, and started recruiting favorite episodes

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It was announced that the animation “ARIA The BENEDIZIONE” based on Kozue Amano would be completed and screened with stage greetings.

“ARIA The BENEDIZIONE” will be released on December 3rd as the final chapter of the “Ao no Curtain Call” trilogy of the anime “ARIA” series. The completion screening will be held on November 18th at United Cinema Toyosu in Tokyo. On the day of the event, Junko Minagawa as Akira, Mai Nakahara as Azusa, Erino Hazuki as Akari, Chinami Nishimura as President Aria, Yui Makino singing the theme song, and Takahiro Natori, the director, will be on stage.

Famous episodes of the anime “ARIA” series will be announced in a ranking format. Call for favorite episodes from fans will be accepted on the unique site from today until 23:59 on November 10th. The ticket pre-request advance started today with Lawson Ticket.

The screening with stage greetings will be held on November 23 at Otaru, the “Kitaichi Venezia Museum,” which was used to reference the exterior and interior of the pilot museum that appears in the film.

Hazuki and Junichi Sato will visit Aeon Cinema Otaru in Hokkaido to talk about “ARIA The BENEDIZIONE” and “ARIA” series. Tickets will be sold at the e-seat reserve of the online ticket purchasing service from 24:00 on November 8th.

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