Aimer ‘Ousama Ranking’ ED song released

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Aimer’s new single “Atemonaku” will be released on May 10. The new single includes the ending theme song of the TV anime “Ousama Ranking Yuuki no Takarabako,” and the coupling songs “Sorano Wired” and “Life is a song.”

This work will be released in three forms: a regular edition, a first-run limited edition with a DVD, and a limited-time edition. Contains the non-credit ending video. In addition, the limited-edition edition comes with a three-sided case featuring a newly drawn illustration of “Ousama Ranking: Treasure Box of Courage” and a mini poster.

And FM802’s program “802 Palette” will air “Kanao Wired” and “Life is a Song” for the first time. “Sora no Wired” will be aired on April 15, and “Life is a Song” will be aired on May 6. In addition, the title song, “Atemonaku,” will be released digitally on April 21, prior to the release of the single. Pre-orders for the song are available on iTunes.

Aimer “Aimeraku” Contents 01. Aimeraku [Lyrics: aimer rhythm / Composition: Masahiro Tobiuchi / Arrangement: Kenji Tamai, Masahiro Tobiuchi / Strings Arrangement: Koichiro Muroya ] 02. Soranagi wired [Lyrics: aimer rhythm / Composer: Rui Momota/ Arrangement: Kenji Tamai, Rui Momota] 03. Life is a song [Lyrics: aimer rhythm / Composition: Kikuiketaro / Arrangement: Kenji Tamai, Kikuiketaro] 04. Atomomonaku -Instrumental- Aimoku -TV ver.- * All songs included in the limited edition Producer: Kenji Tamai (agehasprings) FM802 “802 Palette” Saturday, April 15, 2023, 25:00-29:00 May 6, 2023, Sun (Sat) 25:00-29:00

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