After resuming ‘Berserk’ serialization, the first new volume, 42, will be released in September. Former staff members will also draw the death of the author.

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It has been decided that the latest 42 volumes of the popular manga “Berserk” (original: Kentaro Miura, manga: Studio Gaga, supervision: Koji Mori) will be released on September 29th.

The original author, Mr. Miura, passed away in May 2021. Still, Mr. Mori, who had been friends with him since June 2022, supervised the manga, and Studio Gaga, to which the staff who studied under Mr. Miura belongs, is in charge of the manga.

The series has resumed in the form of a series, and this new issue will be the first comic release after the series’ resumption as a new system.

Also, the special edition of the comics has a Guts (Berserker Armor) bust figure available for pre-order production. The pre-order period for the special edition is from the 14th to May 29th. Planned and produced by Max Factory, the figure is 100mm tall, and the price is 7,990 yen.

“Berserk” was serialized in “Monthly Animal House” in 1989, then moved to “Young Animal,” and is a popular dark fantasy with a cumulative total of over 55 million copies. An epic story in which the main character, Guts, grows while fighting strange monsters in a world where swords, magic, and monsters exist. It was made into a TV animation in 1997-98, a theatrical animation in a trilogy in 2012-13, and a TV animation in 2016-17.

The comics have been published in 20 countries and regions, including the United States and France, and continue to fascinate readers worldwide. After that, the latest story in September 2021 was finally suspended, and 41 volumes of comics were released in December 2021. The series will resume from episode 365 in June 2022 by drawing manga by Studio Gaga, supervised by Mr. Koji Mori, a cartoonist with whom he has a close relationship and to which the staff who studied under Mr. Miura belongs. It had been.

Regarding the resumption of the serialization, the editorial department of Young Animal said, “When Kentaro Miura was alive, he talked to his best friend, manga artist Koji Mori, about stories and episodes of ‘Berserk.'” Since the memo and character design were found, Mr. Mori, a close friend, will supervise the serialization in the future.

”I want you to read the last episode we brought in, up to the last frame. We will first publish six episodes until the end of the. After that, we plan to start a new chapter. After the resumption, the credits will be “Original: Kentaro Miura, Manga, Studio GaGa, Supervision: Koji Mori.” We will also inherit the numbering of.

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